PRP For Face Rejuvenation: A Bright And Smooth Skin

A PRP facial rejuvenation treatment, also known as a vampire facial, is an advanced skincare procedure that uses your body’s natural power to heal itself to refresh it. The association of the name “vampire facial” comes because the procedure includes drawing your blood. We all know that our blood is majorly composed of four components: red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), plasma, and platelets. Plasma and platelets combined together provide various skin benefits. To achieve the concentrated platelets in the plasma, all the blood components are separated. The plasma, along with platelets, is then collected from the drawn blood. 

What is PRP Therapy for Facial Rejuvenation?

PRP therapy is used to describe any use of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, to benefit our body. The procedure is simple yet effective and treats various skin and scalp issues. Our facial skin is the most exposed part of the body and is eventually prone to severe damage. Constant sun exposure, everyday wear and tear, poor skincare, etc., lead to skin issues and imperfections such as early aging, dark spots, pigmentation, uneven tone, and skin texture. The platelet-rich plasma is injected into the treatment area to revive the skin’s natural glow and rejuvenate facial skin. This therapy works brilliantly and treats different skin problems, including aging signs. The main aim is to increase the platelet count of the treated skin so that the growth factors present in it work effectively. 

This procedure is a better option than all others because it ensures speedy recovery without the need for extended recovery times that other cosmetic skin treatments require as downtime. Another benefit of this therapy that tags along while injecting PRP is collagen increase. The injection sites work as collagen-stimulating wounds and speed up the healing procedure of the skin naturally. The new increase in collagen resolves skin concerns and benefits it by providing firmness and smoothness. 

Benefits of a Vampire Facial AKA PRP Facial Rejuvenation 

PRP therapy holds excellent benefits for the skin and scalp. As a facial cosmetic treatment, this treatment holds various rewards for the skin. Some of these advantages of getting PRP facial rejuvenation are:

Increase in Collagen Production

As we age, our collagen production naturally declines. This decline starts in your 20s and continues at a significant rate for the rest of your life. We cannot stop this naturally-occurring phenomenon. However, if we invest in skin-boosting treatments such as PRP therapy from time to time, we can stimulate collagen production rate. 

Whether you have fine lines, moderate wrinkles, severe folds, or other visible skin issues, there’s an excellent chance that a vampire facial will enhance the quality of your skin through increased collagen production. Collagen production is stimulated when skin cells experience damage. Injecting PRP creates micro-injuries in the skin surface that boost cellular functioning in the long run.

Tighter, Firmer Skin

We understand that collagen is an essential component that provides smoothness, firmness, and suppleness to the skin. However, slowly its decrease gives rise to various skin issues. 

Facial skin thins as we age, and certain parts of the face, like the lips and cheeks, are likely to show visible signs of aging. Refreshing the skin and providing it with the missing growth factors, PRP helps with skin tightening and firming. Regardless of your skin insecurities, be sure to ask how PRP facial rejuvenation therapy can help you achieve your ideal aesthetic and skin goals.

Enhanced Skin Tone and Texture

Scars, dark spots, acne, and stretch marks cause the skin to have poor tone, texture, and appearance. An increase in collagen helps with skin resurfacing naturally. Dead skin cells shed off to reveal a smoother, brighter, evened, and healthy skin texture. Moreover, the procedure is not too painful and does not cause severe side effects. Yes, the PRP therapy is an injectable cosmetic treatment, but the needles are too tiny to hurt. If you are too sensitive to pain, icing the treatment sites can also speed up the cellular rejuvenation process.

Treatment Is Not Time Taking 

The process of PRP for facial rejuvenation may seem like it would take quite some time. Since drawing out blood, separating platelet-rich plasma, and injecting it into the treatment area seem like a lot of work. But, much to your surprise, the treatment is very simple and almost instantly over. All in all, the procedure takes around 30 minutes, and you can feel instant skin rejuvenation and refreshment. If you need more precise treatment than at maximum, the procedure is over within an hour. 

Cutera Aesthetics can make your dream of youthful, rejuvenated, refreshed, smooth, bright, and firm skin a reality. Our PRP for the facial rejuvenation process has helped multiple clients revive their skin youthfulness and freshness. Contact us today for a free consultation.