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Birthmark Reduction

Birthmarks are considered trademarks of humans, but for some people, birthmarks are not something to flaunt proudly. There are many reasons why people might choose to hide their birthmark or cover it up with makeup. They become more self-conscious, which sheds their confidence. Whatever the reason, there are many ways that birthmarks can become bothersome.

A birthmark is an imperfection on your body that most people are born with. Birthmarks can be large or small, raised or flat, red or blue—they come in all shapes and sizes! The good news is that there are many non-surgical ways to eliminate these stubborn marks. With advanced birthmark removal treatment at Cutera, you can restore the texture and look of your skin. Cutera’s advanced picosecond laser technology can help you eliminate it permanently without pain, downtime, or surgery!

Causes & Desired Results
  • Causes of Pigmentation
    Certain Medications, Hormonal Changes, Insulin Resistence, Melasma, Sun Exposure
  • Desired Results
    Brighter skin, Lighter Skin, Pigment Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

The Picosecond laser is the most advanced technology for effectively and painlessly removing pigmentary concerns such as birthmarks, moles, tattoos, and so on from the face and body with minimal downtime. It is a powerful pigmentation-targeting technology that permanently reduces birthmark pigmentation in just a few comfortable sessions.

Most people say they felt slight discomfort during the treatment, but it happened so fast that they barely noticed it, though pain is based on each individual’s experiences. People describe it as a small rubber band snapping. Following the procedure, you may feel like you have a mild sunburn or a warm feeling, which usually goes away within 24 hours.

The sessions depend on the birthmark’s size and pigment, but usually, it requires 4-6 sessions. 

No, there is no downtime involved. You can go back to your normal routine immediately after the treatment. 

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