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Dr Rida Tahir

Treatment Doctor

Dr. Rida Tahir  is a highly qualified and experienced Aesthetician at Cutera. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Her career began with an internship at esteemed healthcare institutions, including the National Hospital, Mujahid Hospital, and Islamabad Diagnostic Center, where she gained valuable clinical experience.

With a passion for physiotherapy, Dr Rida Tahir worked in many prestigious institutions. Her commitment to professional development is evident through his certifications, which include Musculoskeletal Assessment and Management (Basic Clinical Training Program) from ISRS-UK, Chiropractic Techniques (ISRS-UK), Knee Joint Complex by SMAP, and Upper Cervical Spine Disorder Mulligan Techniques.

Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Rida actively engaged with the healthcare community and participated in a seminar on World TB Day. Her dedication to advancing her knowledge and skills in physical therapy makes her a valuable asset to the team at Cutera, where she provides exceptional patient care.


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