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Dr Rabbia Malik

Lifestyle Coach

Dr. Rabbia Malik is a Doctor of Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Government College & University Faisalabad. She has acquired a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in her field through various academic and professional endeavors. During her internship at NESCOM Hospital Islamabad, Rabbia gained invaluable experience in various specialties, including Gynaecology, Burn Unit, Medical ICU, and outpatient care for weight loss, PCOS, diabetes, and HTN.

Dr. Rabbia specializes in providing tailored nutritional support across diverse medical disciplines. Her expertise extends to Burn Care, Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, Oncology, and Surgical ICU settings of PIMS hospital Islamabad. With her compassionate and patient-centered approach, Rabbia is dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve optimal health through personalized dietary strategies. Trust Dr. Rabbia Malik for comprehensive nutritional guidance and support at every step of your healthcare journey.

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