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Dr Aamna Khaliq

Treatment Doctor

Dr. Amna, a dedicated and accomplished Doctor of Physical Therapy, holds her degree from the University of South Asia in the USA. Her rich professional journey showcases her commitment to healthcare excellence and her ability to thrive in diverse and challenging environments.

Dr. Amna has contributed significantly to the healthcare sector, having worked at esteemed institutions such as Punjab Rangers Teaching Hospital in Lahore, where she honed her skills and knowledge. Her experience extends to service at CMH in Lahore, further solidifying her expertise in the field of physical therapy. Additionally, she has made valuable contributions during her tenure at LAH in Sialkot.

Dr. Amna’s comprehensive background, gained through her education and diverse work experiences, positions her as a seasoned professional in the realm of physical therapy. Her dedication and proficiency make her well-equipped to address the healthcare needs of her patients with the utmost care and precision

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