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Everyone wants to look young and attractive. But when you start to see wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging, it can make you feel uncomfortable. Cutera offers fillers as a minimally invasive treatment that can target these signs of ageing and help reverse them. Fillers are gel-like substances injected under the skin to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It helps reduce anti-aging factors and restore the lost muscle volume. It highlights the contour of the face, gives jawline enhancement and volumised lips, and has no side effects. With fillers, you can have a beautiful, lifted, plump, smooth appearance that looks youthful!

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Causes & Desired Results
  • Causes of Sagging Skin
    Sagging skin is caused by weight gain, loss, poor diet, age, sun exposure and heredity.
  • Desired Results
    Firmer, Tighter, Plumper and Lifted Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Fillers are injectables that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other characteristics of ageing skin, providing patients with a smoother and younger-looking complexion.

It has a little discomfort, but many fillers contain lidocaine, a mild anaesthetic that helps minimise the pain of treatment. However, some clients said that they felt mild discomfort during treatment. Plus, this can depend on which areas are treated and how much filler is used.

Fillers, like any other treatment, have the potential for side effects. However, the side effects are usually minor and disappear within a few hours or days of treatment. Bruises, swelling, and itching are common side effects.

Yes, Cutera offers advanced, effective and affordable treatment so you can meet all your aesthetic goals.

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