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Vampire Facial

It’s natural for our skin to show signs of ageing over time, particularly on our faces exposed to a lot of light and other environmental factors. You may start to see changes in skin tone and texture, dark spots, lines and wrinkles, and areas that look “hollowed out” due to fat loss and stretching. Even if you’ve been diligent with your skincare and sunscreen routine, you may reach a point where you feel like you look older or more tired than you want to. But don’t worry – there’s a highly-effective non-surgical approach to reversing the signs of ageing and restoring your youthful glow. The advanced Vampire Facial can revitalize your skin with almost no downtime!

The vampire facial is a popular cosmetic treatment that uses a match-made-in-heaven combination of micro-needling and PRP technology to rejuvenate and repair ageing skin. This innovative anti-ageing procedure stimulates collagen and elastin production, which thickens and tightens skin, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines. The vampire facial significantly increases collagen within the skin, resulting in flawless skin texture and tone without pain or recovery time. It’s a great choice for those looking to improve the overall appearance of their skin and treats various skin conditions. If you are interested in trying this advanced facial treatment, contact Cutera today for more information. We offer vampire facials using the latest and most advanced technology available, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible results. So if you’re looking for healthy, beautiful skin, the vampire facial is the right choice for you!

Causes & Desired Results
  • Causes of Skin Dullness
    Skin dullness is caused by poor diet, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, skipping exfoliation, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, etc.
  • Desired Results
    Clearer, Brighter, Plumper and Glowing Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Vampire Facial uses micro-needling and PRP technology for anti-collagen revival and scar removal.

Vampire Facial can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. There is no one technique or area in the body where this popular treatment can be used—treatments for acne, scars, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.

While the Vampire Facial is being performed, you may feel some slight discomfort may be noticed, usually in the form of a burning or tingling feeling. It only lasts for a few minutes following the PRP injection. We try to keep our patients as comfortable as possible during treatment, using numbing cream to alleviate any discomfort.

There is minimal downtime of 24-48 hours, but no prolonged recovery time exists.

It depends on the individual’s skin conditions, but typically it requires 2-4 sessions.

 Many clients witness skin improvement after one session, but typically, dermatologists recommend 2-4 sessions depending on skin concern and condition for optimum results.

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