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Madiha Sikandar

Front Desk Manager

Madiha Sikandar is a Front Dest Manager of Cutera at Gulshan Branch. She completed her intermediate education at SSAT College in 2016, marking the outset of her journey into the professional world. Her dedication to continuous learning led her to attain a diploma in the field of marketing.

Madiha’s career trajectory has been marked by notable roles that underscore her proficiency. She spent five years at Chase Up Super Market, where she excelled as a Cashier, SR Officer, and Department Manager. Her unwavering commitment to her responsibilities and customers contributed significantly to her success during this tenure. Additionally, Madiha furthered her professional growth with a six-month stint at J., where she served as an Assistant Manager. Her ability to adapt and excel in diverse roles showcases her versatility and determination.

Madiha Sikandar’s journey is a testament to her dedication to personal and professional development, making her a valuable asset to any team or organization.


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