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Dr. Zoobia Tabassum

Aesthetic Consultant

Dr. Zoobia Tabassum is an accomplished Aesthetic Physician and Cosmetologist currently practicing at Cutera. She has a distinguished educational background and a wealth of expertise in aesthetics. She earned her MBBS degree from Dow Medical College (DUHS), establishing a strong medical foundation. She further enhanced her qualifications by obtaining a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the Academy of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine (AARM), affiliated with the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ABAMS-USA) and the American Aesthetic Association (AAA).

As a skilled aesthetician, Dr. Zoobia specializes in hair and facial rejuvenation PRP procedures. Her commitment to excellence is exemplified by her active participation in various workshops and comprehensive training in advanced techniques such as Threads, Botox, and Fillers. Dr. Zoobia’s deep understanding of aesthetics enables her to tailor combination therapies to each client’s unique needs, delivering youthful and satisfactory results. Her dedication to the art of aesthetic medicine makes her a trusted professional in the field, providing clients with exceptional care at Cutera.

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