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BB Glow Facial

BB Glow Facial is the perfect facial for tired makeup wearers!

We all wish for that perfect naturally glowing skin but often end up applying layers of foundation and concealer to hide any skin imperfections. Cutera offers a better solution – the BB Glow Facial. This facial fights against skin imperfections and pigmentation and leaves you with a natural glow that doesn’t require any foundation. Get the flawless skin you have always wished for!

BB Glow Facial changed the skin-care game. This innovative skin enhancement treatment gives a semi-permanent foundation look to the skin. It combines the tinted serum of different shades for different skin tones with microneedling to penetrate the skin’s surface. It is a very effective skin treatment that gives instant brightening, plumped and clearer skin results. It has become a popular skin renewal technique to restore the healthy and youthful appearance of the skin by targeting anti-ageing factors, pigmentation and much more. The treatment is safe and has zero downtime, and promises to leave you with a radiant complexion all year. Contact Cutera for more information!

Causes & Desired Results
  • Causes of Skin Dullness
    Skin dullness is caused by poor diet, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, skipping exfoliation, sun exposure, hormonal imbalance, etc.
  • Desired Results
    Clearer, Brighter, Plumper and Glowing Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

BB Glow Facial is the perfect treatment if you want flawless skin before any special event, with instant results and no downtime. It is one of the most advanced anti-ageing beauty treatments, providing your face with a semi-permanent foundation and a radiant glow. With scientifically proven nano-needling technology, we safely infuse nutrient-rich tinted BB serum into the top layer of your skin. It provides natural coverage and hides all facial imperfections, including hyperpigmentation, redness, dark circles, and large pores.

Typically, 3-5 sessions are recommended for optimum results.

The results will last up to 6 months.

Yes, it is an FDA-approved treatment and has no side effects. Plus, the BB Glow facial is suitable for all skin types. This treatment has no pain or downtime involved.

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