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Thread Lift

As we age, our skin begins to sag due to a depletion of collagen and elastin. Gravity takes its toll; before we know it, our faces look tired and old. A threadlift can help to restore a more youthful appearance by tightening and contouring the skin. Threadlifts use special threads inserted beneath the skin to lift and tighten the tissue. They are a minimally invasive procedure, and the results are often dramatic. A threadlift can give you a firmer, tighter, brighter, and more lifted face in just a few hours. The contoured look you’ve always wanted is now within reach. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Causes & Desired Results
  • Causes of Sagging Skin
    Sagging skin is caused by weight gain, loss, poor diet, age, sun exposure and heredity.
  • Desired Results
    Firmer, Tighter, Plumper and Lifted Skin

Frequently Asked Questions

The thread lift is a quick fix for sagging skin and redefines the face. It is the most popular procedure and is suitable for both men and women. Threadlift stimulates collagen in the skin, which helps the skin keep its volume and look younger. The procedure is minimally invasive and offers progressive rejuvenation of the facial tissues. This technique effectively tightens and lifts drooping skin of the cheeks, eyelids, jowls, and neck and also helps reduce the face’s roundness.

Thread lifts are effective for treating mild to moderate sagging in the neck, cheeks, jawline, and brows.

Women and men between the ages of 30 and 60 with minimal laxity are frequently the best candidates for a thread lift. However, it is also a viable option for patients who want rejuvenation beyond injectables and energy-based devices but are unwilling or unable to undergo a surgical procedure and general anaesthesia.

The benefit of a minimally invasive thread lift is that the results are visible immediately. Although the treatment is not permanent, it is very long-lasting and requires little to no downtime.

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