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Mahnoor Waheed

Marketing PR Manager

Mahnoor Waheed, Marketing PR Manager at Cutera, is a seasoned professional with a distinguished background. Armed with an MPhil in Management from UMT, Mahnoor brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

Mahnoor’s multifaceted responsibilities encompass marketing, content creation, and PR management, specifically focusing on working with celebrities. Her meticulous approach ensures that Cutera’s marketing and PR efforts are extraordinary. In her capacity, Mahnoor orchestrates shoots and productions, transforming concepts into captivating visual content. Her ability to seamlessly blend creativity with strategic thinking sets her apart in marketing and PR. Mahnoor Waheed, a visionary with deep industry insight, is instrumental in crafting Cutera’s brand narrative. Her ability to engage celebrities and influencers adds star power to our marketing. Mahnoor’s dedication to excellence aligns perfectly with Cutera’s commitment to innovation. Under her guidance, our marketing and PR endeavors thrive, setting new industry standards.

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