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What to Expect After Getting Your 1st Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Has constant shaving and waxing become troublesome for you? Do you want to find a better option? Then you are sorted with laser hair removal. Out of all the popular hair removal methods, laser removal has grabbed a massive audience’s attention recently. This is a painless way of removing unwanted hair from any body part. This is why more and more people, regardless of gender, have opted for this method to experience silky and smooth skin.

The results for laser hair removal treatment vary from person to person. Every individual has a different genetic makeup, hair type, and skin tone. So your response to a laser hair removal treatment may differ from others. Laser hair removal is among the most efficient procedures to get hair-free skin and stop hair from growing back.

Unlike traditional hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, threading, and others, laser hair reduction focuses on destroying the hair follicles to halt their regrowth, helping you achieve silky smooth skin while saving you from the struggle of hair removal every 15 days. Laser hair removal usually requires 6-8 sessions with 4-6 weeks intervals depending on hair regrowth. 

Usually, people have to take care of certain things after their first session, crucial for skin health and well-being. Like every other aesthetic treatment, people need to take pre and post-care measures to ensure easy recovery. 

What Happens After Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Today, our body has also turned into a fashion trend, and we do everything in our power to alter ourselves and become our best versions. Hair removal is one of these necessary changes that modern people require. Thus, the popularity of laser hair removal is increasing. In this method, the laser emits a light that our melanin absorbs, reaching the hair follicle to destroy it and halt hair growth. It can be a little tingly procedure. Moreover, people with sensitive skin need to care more because their skin can get easily irritated. Following are some of the possible aftereffects of your first laser hair removal treatment:

Redness and bumps

Immediately after getting the treatment, you may notice mild redness and bumps, which is entirely normal since your skin has gone through a laser procedure the very first time. These bumps and redness may last for a few hours, and icing is a great way to soothe your skin. Itching is also a common side effect that you may experience after this procedure, and in such cases, you should avoid scratching. Instead, another option is to use a cold compress. This can help the skin feel at ease. 

Hair regrowth and shedding

You also may notice hair regrowth in the treated area after two to three weeks of treatment. Do not be suspicious and doubt the treatment’s success rate. Hair will appear to grow and will end up shedding. Since the follicle is not strong enough to anchor hair growth, hair cannot develop normally and sheds. This hair will appear as stubble and minor blackheads.

Do’s and Don’ts After Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment 

Firstly, let’s discuss what you need to do after getting laser treatment for hair removal. Healthy skin requires care and investment in the form of daily maintenance. Some of the things that you need to pay heed to after your first laser hair removal session are as follows:

Proper and gentle cleansing 

Avoid scented and harsh soaps so that your skin can stay clear of any signs of infection or irritation. Instead, using mild soap is the best way to cleanse your skin and maintain its hygienic needs. Keeping the area clean and dry for the first 24 hours is vital. Avoiding any lotions and moisturizers is also essential as it can further worsen skin irritation and itching. Makeup is strictly prohibited too. 

Avoid too much sun

Another essential thing to do after getting laser treatment is to avoid the sun at all costs. Sun exposure can increase your chances of getting dark spots and pigmentation because of UV rays. Make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine to promote a speedy recovery and ensure skin safety. 

You are free to shave 

After the first session, laser hair removal treatments do not entirely eradicate hair growth. Since only 20% of the hair follicles are in a growing phase in our bodies, getting rid of hair in the initial session is impossible. You need to stay away from your hair follicle and avoid hair removal methods that reach out to your roots, such as plucking and threading. Shaving is okay to enjoy the feel of smooth skin after your first laser session. Do not immediately get into shaving. Examine your skin and decide accordingly. If the stubble does not bother you, let it be! 

Things to Avoid After a Laser Hair Treatment 

Some things that aestheticians ask their patients not to do after getting laser treatment are:

Avoid using hot water

You are free to bathe as long as you do not use hot water. Cold water is an excellent alternative as it can have a soothing impact and cater to any sensitivity that may appear after the procedure. If you do not want to use cold water, lukewarm water works fine.  

Do not wax, pluck, or thread

Avoid plucking, threading, or waxing as the skin is already irritated and needs time to heal. Letting your skin be can be the best decision to contribute to its quick recovery. Moreover, the presence of hair follicles is vital for the treatment to be successful. The prime thing is to target the hair follicle to restrict hair growth. If the follicle does not exist, the treatment cannot be successful. 

Do not use makeup 

Avoiding foundation and makeup, in general, can help promote skin hygiene. Makeup items can act as irritants and lead to infections. Thus, clean and dry skin is what you would want at this time to ensure maximum results without putting your skin into trouble. 

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