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Top Anti-aging Treatments in 2023: Tips and Tricks from Hollywood

Beauty trends are constantly changing but one thing that has remained constant is the struggle for youthful skin and a sculpted body. So, various skin treatments and body procedures have made their way into the beauty market. 2023 is the year that has expanded and destigmatized the use of aesthetic treatments and their undeniably essential results. This blog will discuss the versatile aesthetic trends and procedures that ensure effective, quick, and hassle-free results!

1. Semi-permanent makeup

If you have acne, hyperpigmentation, or just really pimple-prone skin, you probably adore foundation and possibly never head out of the house with at least some basic minimum coverage. If so, you are going to love this new trend of combining the micro-needling technique with semi-permanent BB treatment and Cutera’s BB Glow facial is just for you. The best thing about this treatment is that its makeup but it’s also basically your face for the next six months or so. It won’t come off when you wash your face or clump around your eyes as the day proceeds. Just beautiful smooth, blemish-free skin from dusk till dawn! 

2. Fillers for Fuller Jawlines

Dermal fillers are commonly used for those individuals experiencing sunken facial features and fine lines. This dermal filler acts as a scaffold. Once injected, our specialist will smooth it out by pressing it on the skin. Collagen and subdermal tissue attach to the particles, resulting in a fuller, evenly textured appearance and restored facial volume. Over time, the facial skin loses volume, causing certain facial features to appear sunken or hollow. Fillers add volume to the facial features and deliver moisture to the skin, which in turn causes the face to appear fuller and more youthful. Depending on the specific product, fillers can be used to create fuller jawlines and correct sunken cheeks and hollow eyes.

Netflix show, Selling Sunsets’ star Christine Quin was asked about what tips she would like to share for anti-aging, to which Quin exclaims: “unfortunately you can’t do anything about aging but thank God for fillers and Botox!” 

 3. Preventative Botox

Our 30s are usually the time that is critical in setting our future in terms of physical beauty. The more we invest in anti-aging procedures, the more benefit we will get in the long run. This is mostly correct or at least it was, until recently. The new ideology suggests that it’s easier to prevent wrinkles from occurring rather than getting rid of existing ones. As a result, the term preventative botox suggests getting botox injections in your twenties so as to delay getting wrinkles for as long as possible.

As we age, we lose collagen present in the skin, and our skin cells also inhibit their collagen production, which causes skin issues and aging signs. This process begins slowly and becomes visible when we are around 30 and accelerates in our 40s, leading to noticeably aging skin (wrinkles, creases, and skin folds). Starting Botox treatments early on may help slow down this process, allowing you to enjoy a more youthful, wrinkle-free appearance for longer than you would have otherwise. 

Hollywood’s darling and show “Friends” actor Jennifer Anniston in an interview claimed: “Two things are inevitable. The first: is aging. The second, there’s always going to be critics.” It should only be a question of how you’re taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

4. Non-invasive Body Contouring 

You may have heard of fat surgery. But the idea of dealing with painful recovery times has been a prominent obstacle for most of us whenever we consider this fat reduction treatment. But with non-surgical body contouring procedures such as cool sculpting & Ultrashape, there is no need for fat removal surgery. We can get body fat removal when we freeze fat cells with cryotherapy or melt them away with Ultrasonic cavitation therapy. These treatments can also help with stubborn localized fat like bingo wings, bra fat, tummy fat, or any area that’s resistant to exercise and diet. 

These aesthetic procedures can help you look young and fit and lead to an attractive future self. So consider these aesthetic treatments and let your future self thank you! Cutera Aesthetics is a reputable anti-aging clinic that has managed to gain a fair share of credibility in the aesthetic world. Contact us today for a free consultation. 


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