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The Non-Invasive Facelift for that Perfectly Sculpted Jaw

The jaw, it appears, is a hot topic for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Whether your issue is a stubborn double chin due to excess weight or drooping skin along the jaw due to age. Tiktok will give you one thousand and one ways to contour your jaw. But, if you wish for your jaw sculpt to be more durable than a makeup look, you might need to try some anti aging and fat reducing treatments. This will help make the double chin disappear as well as rewind the clock a little bit to produce the perfectly contoured jaw. The following options are worth considering.

Cool sculpt

Cool sculpt or Cryolipolysis is a noninvasive procedure that works by freezing and thereby destroying fat cells so they can be removed by the body’s immune system. Cryotherapy targets those areas that have stubborn fat that cannot be easily gotten rid of with exercise or dieting such as the infamous double chin. Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold so the freezing temperature applied by the machine does not harm other cells. The results are noticeable but not immediate. It can take the fat cells about 4-6 months to deteriorate completely and exit the body. After this period, a twenty percent reduction in the fatty area can be acknowledged. The procedure is mostly painless since the cold temperature numbs the area being treated. Some patients do complain of being sore, but since no skin is pierced during this procedure, there is virtually no downtime

Lipolytic injections

Lipo injections are a safe and minimally invasive procedure and many patients choose them as alternatives to fat reduction surgery. They are used to target stubborn fat areas including the neck, chin, and jowls. These injections get rid of under-jaw fat by stimulating the body’s natural fat-burning ability by increasing its metabolic rate. The increased metabolic rate means more energy is needed for regular bodily functions. Some of the fat stored in the body is melted to provide energy and the cycle of weight loss thus begins. Lipo injections are painless and have minimal downtime. Patients may feel soreness, exhaustion, or some dietary issue but these effects are temporary. The procedure is effective but again, not immediate. The average patient needs about 3-6 injections paced at one per month or after every 3 weeks. You may witness skin tightening to reveal a chiseled jawline after 6 months.


  High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive ultrasound therapy that helps slim down and firm up fatty and loose areas on the face, especially the jaw, without surgery. It must be kept in mind that the hifu treatment only fixes mild to mediocre skin sagging. If the skin sagging is too severe, surgery will be required to lift it back in shape. Because even though it is a cosmetic procedure, it goes about a much more natural route than the traditional surgical face lift treatment. What actually happens is that the ultrasound waves travel deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. These are both naturally occurring proteins in the body that work to keep skin healthy and help with face skin tightening by providing cellular level support which helps tighten face skin for that coveted sharp jawline.


When should you get jaw sculpting treatments?

All nonsurgical jaw-shaping methods work best on men and women showing early signs of aging. Because collagen and elastin production falls over time with exposure to the sun and age. It is not advisable to wait too long for this procedure. This is why most dermatologists recommend their patients to get these treatments soon after they turn 30. The anti-aging results are usually expected to last a good couple of years. The fat reduction is permanent as long as you watch your diet and exercise regularly

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