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Refund Policy

Any payments are received for the procedure(s) performed as per prescribed treatment plan and not for any specific result. Although we can achieve great results, absolute success is a variable and cannot be guaranteed. Our aesthetics practitioners will use their experience and clinical acumen to provide you the best possible treatment result.

If you want to cancel services upfront: You will be charged PKR5000 cancellation fee, bank charges, applicable taxes and a prorated balance will be refunded.

If you want to cancel ongoing services and want refund: You WILL BE charged FULL PRICE PER TREATMENT of the procedures performed. All discounts e.g. monthly specials, package discounts, and credits issued when you bought the service will be lost. Services will be prorated using regular price per treatment and a prorated balance will be refunded after bank charges, applicable taxes.

If you want to cancel services and don’t want a refund but want to transfer credit to another package: You will NOT be charged FULL PRICE per treatment of the procedure to calculate prorated balance. You will be charged the price per treatment based on your package. The balance will be used towards a new package. You will be eligible for the month’s special etc. If this results in you owing money, you can pay the difference and start the new package. If this results in us owing you money, this will be kept as credit for future use. (Credit expires 90 days from new purchase).

If you have any adverse event: NO REFUND is due. This is part of the risk of the procedure and was explained to you when you signed the consent. Our goal is to eliminate/minimize the risks or any other adverse event, but we want to be upfront with you so you can make a well informed educated decision.

Any and all medical cosmetic injectable services which are administered are not refundable. Every client will utilize the Botox or Dysport, Kybella or Fillers differently. The risk of ptosis, raised muscle, lower muscle, swelling, redness or vascular occlusion has been explained prior to treatment. Allergic reaction will be treated and any event of an allergic reaction or adverse reaction is a risk with every client experiencing such an event will not constitute a refund of the completed treatment. Client agrees to the injection treatment knowing the risk and has realistic expectations of the results and risk.

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