Radiofrequency: Remodel and Tighten Your Skin to Prevent Aging

Your skin changes with age, but we can find suitable solutions for aging signs and other skin concerns thanks to modern aesthetic treatments. Cosmetic treatments like Radiofrequency (RF) have made a good impression in the market with their efficacy and benefits. This skin remodeling treatment targets the deeper layers of the skin using thermal energy and induces the tissue to remodel itself at the dermis level. Below the skin surface, in depths invisible to our eyes, collagen and elastin give structure to our skin layers. These components keep the skin fresh, plump, supple, and bouncy. But aging starts when the natural production of collagen slows down. After 25, we lose about 1 to 2% of our natural body collagen, which indicates aging. Moreover, the cellular turnover also gets off-track, and this increases skin problems. 

The lack of collagen results in skin dullness, sagging, wrinkles, textural issues, acne flares, and sun damage. Radiofrequency comes to the rescue, tightening skin, as mentioned earlier, and restoring contours to create toned, firm, youthful-looking skin. This firming action makes RF well-suited to the chin, neck, and jawline. It also treats other skin issues, including:

  • Sags between the nose and mouth
  • Bags and wrinkles under and above the eyes
  • Drooping brow lines

What is Radiofrequency, and How Does it Recontour the Skin?

Radiofrequency is an advanced skin treatment that uses low-frequency heat waves to target the skin’s core problems and treat them to restore skin health and well-being. Radiofrequency treatments work to produce new collagen and elastin in the body and remodel the dermis layer to eliminate skin marks, scars, and spots. With these effects, old and damaged skin is replaced by new and healthy skin. These cells are also naturally firmer and tighter, but this does not happen overnight and occurs gradually. This aspect is also beneficial for people who want to achieve natural-looking results. So for people looking for subtle improvements over dramatic changes, RF delivers these results. Following are some of the benefits of radiofrequency:

Softens Fine Lines

Skin creases and fine lines make a person look old, tired, and dull. These lines appear as our skin loses its ability to hold its structure and shape. Since radiofrequency is a multi-treatment procedure, it gradually builds and restores the results. Each subsequent session builds upon the last so that you’ll look progressively younger as you move forward in your treatment plan.

Long-Lasting Results

Radiofrequency naturally boosts collagen and elastin production, and the improvements to your skin will be long-lasting. Some facial treatments only stimulate facial muscles or temporarily plump tissues; RF, on the other hand, triggers the skin’s internal healing processes, and collagen is made to last. Your results can therefore continue for up to two years.

Increases Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic Acid is the ultimate but unacknowledged hero of skincare. It also works side by side with collagen and elastin, so wherever the production of collagen and elastin increases, Hyaluronic Acid is sure to follow. This means that with RF treatments, you can enjoy softer, silkier, and better-moisturized skin. HA molecules naturally attract and bind to water molecules. It’s, therefore, a key component of your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Increasing moisture levels can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothe redness, and help skin look plumper. Thus, radiofrequency naturally boosts the production of skin-essential components to improve its appearance and texture. 

Time-saving Treatment 

The average session lasts between 20 and 45 minutes. We apply a protective gel to your skin to facilitate treatment. This treatment does not include any invasive approach such as incisions, cuts, stitches, etc. Moreover, your treatment is unique to you; we at Cutera Aesthetics customize the depth of thermal energy to ensure we meet your individual needs. Our team of experts mainly caters to clients’ needs and preferences. So hurry up and book a free consultation today! 

Relaxing and Pain-Free

One of the most appealing aspects of RF therapy is its non-invasive and gentle nature. While the energy heats and ultimately tightens tissues, it does so without damaging your skin’s top layer. And for patients who hate needles, RF omits them and other scary-looking tools for a very non-threatening treatment.

Radiofrequency treatments are far better than invasive and surgical skin-perfecting treatments. There is no downtime after this procedure, and you can immediately get back to your routine. Thus, this procedure is also called a lunchtime skin treatment. Meanwhile, your body enters a healing mode just as it would after suffering a skin cut or other wound. Fibroblast cells in the skin’s deepest layers produce brand new collagen and elastin fibers. This increase is known as dermal remodeling and works to:

  • Improve skin’s elasticity
  • Erase lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and firm tissues
  • Improve skin’s overall texture and volume