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Lipolytic Injections: Do They Live Up To The Hype?

Unwanted fat accumulation is an unappealing body condition that every human goes through. Our poor routine, eating habits, and lack of physical activity can be the root cause. Losing this fat is another battle that tires us all — even managing your diet and constant gym visits are not enough to help you get back in shape. Have you ever thought there could be an injectable substance that can help with fat reduction? It seems like a dream, right? But with Lipolytic Injections, this idea has become a reality and is an exceptional way to permanently reduce and remove unwanted fat. 

Injection lipolysis is a body contouring procedure that targets the fat cells present around the injection site. This procedure is an amazing alternative to invasive and aggressively painful fat reduction procedures. The substance present in these injections is deoxycholic acid, which our body naturally produces. Injecting this acid into the body areas with fat deposits helps us targe and destroy the unwanted fat layers that seem unfazed with just diet and exercise. 

Since this procedure is non-surgical, it is much safer than traditional fat loss procedures like liposuction. There is no use of anesthesia, incisions, and stitches, so there is no extended downtime either. The stubborn fat layers that are usually resistant to diet and exercise are directly exposed to materials that can easily break them apart and cause their destruction. On the basis of this principle, achieving a fat-less body is easier than before. 

How Do Fat-Dissolving Lipolytic Injections Give Us The Body of Our Dreams?

Although this procedure is more commonly used for double chin formation, other body parts include the upper arms, thighs, back, and fat above your knees. Injection lipolysis is safe, quick, effective, and pain-free. These are some of the main reasons why their popularity among people is increasing day by day. This body contouring solution tightens skin, providing reassurance to those who worry about sagging and droopy skin. Thus, whoever is struggling with unwanted fat reduction and wants to tighten their relatively loose skin can achieve both these goals much faster than traditional lipolysis. 

This body contouring treatment is not a weight-loss option, so anyone struggling with obesity or extremely saggy skin may not be the ideal candidate for this non-surgical alternative. Consulting a dermatologist or licensed professional is mandatory to understand the treatment, how it works, and its accurate administration. 

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The procedure works by injecting deoxycholic acid into the skin of the treatment area in a pre-determined criss-cross pattern to target more fat cells. The fat cells absorb this substance, which later attacks the fat cell walls and destroys them. The fatty cellular debris is processed in the body and is discarded within the next few weeks. 

When Do The Results Become Visible?

Lipolytic injections instantly attack and destroy the unwanted fat layers and deposits present in the body. But these cellular remnants are not removed by any external method. Our body naturally processes these contents by absorbing and eliminating them using our lymphatic system.

These fat-busting injections can affect the fat cells, but we have to wait a few weeks post-treatment to see the results. Depending on the treatment area and fat accumulation, you may need more than just a single sitting of this procedure. If your double chin does not store much fat and is treatable with one treatment, you will not need multiple sessions. But larger body parts such as your upper arms and thighs can need multiple sittings at least four weeks apart.  

In addition to decreasing fat cells, these fat-burning injections can enhance skin tone, texture, laxity, and collagen production. This is why many people have started considering this treatment and have also achieved remarkable results.

Is The Procedure Painful?

What difference would it make if this treatment was equally painful as liposuction and required extensive recovery time? Do not let the word “injection” misguide you. The procedure involves very fine, hair-like injections to inject fat-dissolving substances into the skin. So there is no room for pain. Anyone undergoing the procedure can feel mild discomfort, which is also rare. 

There is no invasive approach, so the recovery time is almost instant. Post-treatment, you can feel skin sensitivity, swelling, and soreness. But all these are temporary and subside within a few hours. There are no severe side effects, so this procedure is safe for everyone (except people with medical disorders, pregnant and lactating women, etc.)

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