How Modern-Day Body Contouring Treatments Overtook Surgical Approaches?

Today, non-surgical body contouring procedures, such as Emsculpt and Cool Sculpting, have become the stars of the aesthetic world. The struggles with unwanted fat and weight gain have been ongoing for as long as we can remember. The current aesthetic and beauty standards require us to be of a specific shape, size, and figure. But unwanted fat accumulates in the body as an unwelcomed guest resides in your house, without shame and remorse. To meet the current standards of an attractive body, we not only control our diets but also indulge in intense physical activity. However, no gym visits and diet management can help with fat reduction, especially in body areas with stubborn fat pockets, such as the abdomen, back, flanks, upper arms, thighs, and calves. 

Our hormones accumulate this fat in these specific body areas as one of the biggest influencers of where we store our body fat. Your hormone level indicates how much fat you have and where it sits on your body. So, understanding specific hormones and how they work can help you determine what to do about your body fat, especially when it becomes diet and exercise-resistant. Surgical body contouring procedures have stayed in the aesthetic market for a long time. But certain factors have stopped people from undergoing these procedures for all the right reasons. These procedures are invasive and can lead to long-term and adverse side effects. 

In this blog, we will explore the various types of body contouring procedures and understand how they actually work. 

How Do Non-Surgical Body Contouring Procedures Work?

Body sculpting or body contouring is the medical practice of reshaping the body to add muscle, reduce unwanted and excessive fat, and enhance specific body parts like the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen. The invasive and surgical options for achieving these goals include treatments like liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries. However, their alternatives are non-invasive and non-surgical body sculpting procedures that do not involve aggressive approaches like incisions, cuts, stitches, anesthesia, etc. 

As aggressive as they are, surgeries still are not accessible means of fat reduction for all of us. Moreover, nobody wants to tolerate the pain and inconvenience of these aesthetic and medical treatments. The long recovery times are other factors that can deprive you of your wholesome life. However, the body sculpting practice is so much in demand that the aesthetic market has found various beneficial alternative treatments. These safe and non-invasive treatments do not require long downtimes and are not painful. 


There is no surgical procedure in the market that can ensure fat reduction and an increase in muscle mass for a more toned body. Emsculpt is an FDA-approved aesthetic procedure that ensures fat reduction and promotes muscle development side-by-side. No matter which body part stores the most unwanted fat, this body contouring treatment is highly effective in ensuring outstanding results. Emsculpt uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to stimulate repetitive contractions in the muscles of the treated area, leading to fat reduction and muscle growth. 

The electromagnetic energy forces your muscles to contract rapidly. This mechanism is inspired by a regular workout that reduces excess body fat and improves muscle mass by muscle contractions. However, EmSculpt stimulates muscle contractions equal to 20,000 crunches in just 30 minutes. The results can be dramatic as EmSculpt can eliminate up to 19% of the fat in the treatment area. It also builds muscle, giving you a slimmer and firmer appearance. You can expect to see some results right away, but your body will continue to improve in the weeks following the series of three to four treatments. The entire treatment takes no more than half an hour, and you can resume your regular activities right away. 


Cool sculpting is an aesthetic procedure that is often referred to as Cryolipolysis or cold treatment as it uses cold temperatures to trigger a fat reduction in targeted body parts. It has been FDA-approved since 2010 and is considered safe for most healthy adults. It is used frequently on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and back fat. 

Cold temperatures trigger fat cells to undergo programmed cell death and get expelled from the body over the course of time. Since fat cells are more susceptible to temperature injuries, this treatment effectively eliminates unwanted and stubborn fat pockets from the body. The treatment can be pretty cold for the first several minutes, but the area quickly becomes numb, making the rest of the treatment quite comfortable. So you do not have to worry about pain. The entire procedure takes between 35 to 60 minutes, and you can return to your everyday life routine without the requirement for long recovery times. 

Often, you can remove 20 to 25% of the fat volume from the treatment site and get desirable results. Cutera Aesthetics can help you in your fat loss journey. Our team of experts is ever-ready to assist and treat you. So hurry up and get a free consultation today!