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5 Misconceptions About 4- wavelength Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has changed the life of many and provided us with convenience. We no longer have to worry about salon visits or the struggle of repetitive shaving. Removing hair has become convenient, easy, and pain-free with laser hair removal technology. Hair growth is part of our natural physiology and carries many benefits for the skin. But for aesthetic reasons, we all want to get rid of unwanted hair. Thus, the struggle for a permanent hair removal solution has led us to discover shaving, waxing, depilatory lotions, and many more. But these hair removal methods are neither permanent nor pain-free. 

Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal 

Every cosmetic procedure has some sort of association with myths and misconceptions. People require a credible source to learn about any beauty treatment’s safety, effectiveness, and authenticity to trust it enough and undergo it. And while looking for these sources, some myths and misinformation can also make their way into the market. Following are some of the most common myths about laser hair removal technology:

It is painful

When someone hears the word “laser”, the first thing that comes into their mind is the pain levels. We have established the idea that beauty is pain and have normalized it as a fact. But laser hair removal and reduction treatments have come to the market to break these baseless myths. I have undergone laser hair removal, and I will take my fourth session in the coming week. Needless to say, I have found this treatment a lot less painful than waxing and a lot irritating in terms of skin irritation and rashes. 

Waxing plucks the hair strands out of the follicles, and the more the hair growth, the higher the pain levels. This is not the case with laser hair removal, as the heat energy directly targets the follicles beneath the skin and does not irritate the skin with constant pulling and tugging. 

So do not let the pain element stray you away from the hair-free and carefree body you deserve. If you compare laser hair removal and waxing for a whole lifetime, you will find laser a great alternative, as it requires a maximum of 6 sessions, and after it, you do not have to get treatments. Just some follow-up sessions are needed, which won’t be that often. So you can simply enjoy hair-free skin. 

It does not work on all skin types

Another common and widely-believed misconception about laser hair removal is that it does not work on all skin types. However, contrary to this belief, the laser is equally effective for all skin types, as now the diode laser hair removal technology has advanced enough to provide solutions for all Asian skin tones. 

Only the patients that lack hair pigment cannot benefit from this procedure, as its the pigment that absorbs heat and leads to follicle injury that is unrepairable. 

It can damage the skin 

Another common perception about lasers is skin damage. The laser hair removal technology surely works with thermal energy, but the temperature is not high enough to cause skin and cellular damage. 

The hair follicles absorb the heat energy, and our skin remains safe from any kind of temporary or permanent damage. This treatment has the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you can be sure of its safety range. Therefore laser hair removal safe and works certifiably better than ipl hair removal 

It can make your hair dense and thick 

Laser hair removal cannot cause your hair to turn thicker or denser. On the other hand, this treatment targets and destroys the follicles that cause hair growth. 

This is just a mere myth and has no solid grounds. Anyone can get between 10 to 25% of hair growth reduction with each session. After the whole treatment, anyone can flaunt hair-free skin and no longer worry about the struggle and inconvenience that traditional hair removal methods bring. 

It is expensive 

Now that laser hair removal cost has become quite affordable and is no longer a treatment of the West, we have multiple options and clinics to get our treatments. Thus, this is yet another myth that has no truth. 

Moreover, suppose you count the expenses of other hair removal methods for a lifetime and compare the one-time cost of laser hair removal. In that case, you will find it a lot more economical. 

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