Why Should Men Consider Skin Treatments?

For as long as we can remember, beauty has only been associated with women. Men and beauty have been a conflicted idea, so there has not been enough inclination of men toward beauty and overall skincare. Most people think of skincare treatments as a “girl’s thing” and fail to acknowledge skincare measures as a standard requirement for us all. 

In comparison, men have different skin than women. Their skins are thicker and more oily, so they are more prone to get pimples and struggle with active acne. Various other skin imperfections also occur over time because of a lack of skincare and supervision. 

Pollution, sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, and overall routine collectively work like oil on fire and speed up the appearance of stubborn aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, dull and uneven skin tone, etc. The long-term negligence of skincare can lead to many other skin issues and disorders. In most cases, men struggle with more skin issues than women because of their poor skin alertness. 

How Different is Male Skin from Females? 

Men have dense facial hair and thicker skin, resulting in more active acne breakouts and pore-clogging. Although men produce more collagen than females, they usually cannot benefit from it. This simply means that female skin ages faster than male skin. But the constant exposure to the sun and neglect of using sunscreen makes this difference disappear. 

Sun damage can speed up the aging process, and a lack of skincare does not prevent this damage. Thus, men age relatively the same as women, even with good collagen production. The need for a good skincare routine is equally crucial for all. Since men have to face more irritants, pollutants, and sun, it is quite natural that they require a lot more pampering than women. 

Skincare Measures and Procedures Essential for men 

Skincare and a healthy lifestyle are key to glowing, brighter, smooth, firm, and youthful skin. Following are some of the treatments that are necessary to maintain healthy and good-textured skin, free of imperfections:

Medical Facials 

Since men have rougher skin and large pores, accumulating dead skin and excess oil can lead to acne formation. Thus, it is vital to invest in procedures that can unclog the pores and cleanse the skin from deep within. Hydra facials are the cosmetic world’s new rage that has taken it by storm. This facial addresses many skin defects and can promote healthy-looking skin. The skin issues that this facial can help with, especially on male skin, are:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven tone due to sun damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin texture
  • Oily and irritated skin
  • Enlarged pores

Fine lines, wrinkles, and creased skin can age you in terms of your appearance. Addressing these skin issues can revive your youth and give you younger-looking skin. Treating uneven skin tone and texture also promotes clean skin. Hydrafacials increase skin hydration and can also eliminate the appearance of dry, dull, and low-energy skin. This procedure can wake up your skin and boost it thoroughly. 

Skin Resurfacing 

Since men have more chances of developing severe acne, scars are inevitable. But thanks to the cosmetic world, multiple skincare procedures such as chemical peels have helped many perfect their skins. This treatment utilizes a chemical solution that peels off your skin’s outermost and damaged layer. 

Do not worry; this procedure is not as aggressive as it sounds! The esthetician will apply a chemical solution to your skin and let it sit for 10 minutes. After this, he will wipe off this concoction, and the treatment will be over. 

The results of this procedure occur gradually as the skin starts peeling off on its own to uncover a crease-free and smooth skin. This treatment is highly beneficial for aging signs and can also kickstart the activity of collagen production.


Another valuable treatment that is becoming common among men is radiofrequency. It is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that provides a permanent solution for acne scars and other skin defects. This procedure tightens the skin using radiofrequency waves to treat skin issues that include spots and scars. This therapy tightens the skin and makes your scars less noticeable by treating the affected skin. Male skin can become saggy and droopy because of sun damage and exposure to irritants. But procedures like radiofrequency can prove a lasting solution for such skin issues.

Today, the aesthetic world thinks of men and women as equal potential consumers and tries to meet our expectations with its vast procedures. But the main thing is to rely on a credible partner while you set off on a journey toward better skin. Cutera Aesthetics is an acclaimed medical clinic providing all the upper-mentioned services with utmost care and administration.