Why is Laser Hair Removal a Viable Opportunity?

Imagine waking up to smooth, silky, and clean skin. Now that’s an appealing idea, isn’t it? Body hair is a natural part of our physiology. However, these hairs can be much of an obstacle for us when it comes to aesthetic aspects. Thus, as a religious practice, we have been discovering newer ways of removing these unwanted hairs. Most of us have already tried shaving, waxing, threading, depilatory lotions, and creams to get rid of body hair. But even after we cut them off or pluck them out, they grow and crawl back into our lives like a haunting devil. But with persistence and dedication, we can now vouch for Laser Hair Removal as a permanent method of hair eradication. 

I have envied people with relatively less hair growth all my life because they never had to endure the pain levels that I did, just to fulfill my dream of clearer and hair-free skin. Shaving was the most pain-free way I knew to deal with excess and unwanted hair growth. However, after shaving, I could not even enjoy the hair-free skin for a whole week. My excessively active hair follicles would never let me have some peace in life. And not to forget, dealing with the rough stubble was a struggle and resulted in rashes. Later I felt the saying “Beauty is pain” is so accurate. So, to meet the beauty standards, I opted for waxing, which without any doubt, was PAINFUL. 

What is Laser Hair Removal, and How Does It Work? 

After enduring it for years, I met a friend telling us about this new technology that can reduce your hair growth and gradually stop hair growth altogether. She already has taken three treatment sessions, and I could see how beautiful and smooth her skin felt and looked. But the word “laser” freaked me out a little, and I was concerned about the possible side effects and pain levels it could cause. So I brushed the thought of getting a laser hair removal procedure aside and went back to a painful routine of removing hair. 

But the thought kept bugging me, the possibility of enjoying hair-free skin forever was too intriguing for me, and I could not stop myself from digging deep into what laser hair removal is and how it works. After thoroughly researching and finding Cutera Aesthetics as a reputable and acclaimed clinic for hair removal services, I booked my appointment. I was skeptical about what to expect, but I did not want to regret later missing out on such a fantastic opportunity. The team of Cutera made sure that I felt at ease, and the doctor that treated me was very cooperative. I chose my legs to test the treatment since I am the hairiest on my legs, and if something went wrong, I could easily hide it. 

I went prepared and had already shaved my legs. While carrying on the treatment, the doctor informed me how laser technology targets the hair follicles and destroys them. The main difference between laser hair removal and other traditional hair removal methods is the action mechanism. Laser technology produces heat energy that the pigment present in our hair follicles absorbs. This heat energy destroys the follicle itself and hinders hair growth over time. 

The first question popped into my mind: Why do we need multiple sessions if the treatment can destroy hair follicles? My doctor explained that about 20% of our body hairs are always in the growth phase, and for the treatment to be successful, we need to target them while they are active. 

While gathering my thoughts about this treatment, I suddenly realized that I was not feeling any unbearable pain like waxing. The pain that I felt on a scale of 1 to 10 was somewhere between a 3 and a maximum of 4. The whole procedure took 40 to 45 minutes, and my doctor told me some necessary after-care preventive measures that I needed to take. My next appointment was 4 weeks later, and all that time, I already felt a huge difference in my hair growth. I am currently on my 3rd session, and I cannot explain how much of a relief this cosmetic treatment has proven for me. I will soon get a full body treatment to leave unwanted hair in the past and move forward with a carefree and hair-free life. 

Final Words 

In my opinion, laser hair removal is a viable opportunity for all of us to leave hair removal struggles in the past. The treatment is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. Additionally, it is far less painful than other traditional methods such as waxing and plucking. Moreover, if you worry about the entire cost, it is not too expensive, especially keeping the struggles, pain levels, and lifelong salon visits in mind.