What is The Aesthetic Significance of Cryotherapy?

Leading a well-maintained life can ensure good health. A healthy diet and good physical exercise can ensure mental and physical health. However, sometimes we have to experience stubborn fat accumulation in certain body areas that does not go away even with a controlled diet and extensive exercise. The body parts most prone to fat deposition are your abdomen, thighs, back, upper arms, stomach sides (love handles), etc. 

These body areas are quick to give a comfortable place to fat storage and do not let go of quickly no matter how hard you exercise and monitor your diet. Usually, people would think that there is no way to address their unwanted fat pockets other than surgical procedures like liposuction. However, Cryotherapy or Cool Sculpting is the most non-invasive and nonsurgical solution to your fat-related issues. 

Today, getting something done to enhance your appearance is no secret. Many people avail various treatments to look youthful, clear their skin, and get rid of unwanted fat. However, if surgical procedures, their long recovery time, and the possibility of an unnatural change in your appearance stop you from availing these procedures, fear not. Cool sculpting is the right answer for you! 

What is Cryotherapy, and Why is It Effective for Fat Reduction?

Cryotherapy, Cryolipolysis, or cool sculpting, is the procedure of targeting and killing fat cells using very low temperatures. Stubborn fat pockets appear in body areas and make a person visibly appear fat in certain areas. This type of fat accumulation is highly normal in the abdomen region in both men and women. Intense exercise, good eating habits, and a sound sleep cycle are not enough to make this stubborn fat leave you. 

This is why through cryotherapy, we can now address this unwanted situation and eliminate unwanted fatty layers. Cryotherapy uses low temperatures in the treatment area and exposes it to unbearable cold. Since our fat cells are more susceptible to temperature-based injuries, the damage is beyond repair. The cold temperatures injure the fat cells and spill their contents which our body later absorbs and naturally eradicates over time using the lymphatic system. The temperature does not pose any additional damage to the surrounding skin, muscles, or nerves in the area as the controlled temperature is not low enough to harm them. 

This procedure does not include injections, incisions, stitches, or anesthesia, making it the safest way to deal with unwanted fat. Getting rid of your unwanted fat, no matter your problem area, can boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable in your own body. This fat reduction procedure is suitable for everyone near their healthy BMI range, as this is not a weight loss alternative. Anyone who is clinically obese cannot undergo this fat eradication procedure. 

For this treatment to succeed, a person should have a specific range of fat accumulation in the body parts and overall maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. 

Cool Sculpting: No Pain, Yes Gain!

The saying no pain, no gain is not very accurate when it comes to fat reduction through cryotherapy. Since there is no use of injections, incisions, stitches, or any other invasive approach, the procedure is entirely pain-free. 

The entire treatment spans multiple sessions as per the patient’s fat accumulation and desired results. On average, a person may need 4 to 5 sessions, maybe less or more. The results are variable and depend on the individuals undergoing the treatment. Since our lymphatic system is responsible for eradicating cellular debris after the treatment, the whole process can take some while to show visible results. 

Usually, the results kick in after at least two sessions. The procedure, at most, takes about 35 to 40 minutes and is very effective. As this procedure uses cold temperature and your skin can sense the temperature, you may feel mild discomfort, but it will not be, in any way, painful!

Aesthetic Significance of Cryotherapy 

Today our beauty world has become fast-paced and ever-evolving. New trends and shifts in beauty standards have also pushed us to find effective, quick, and fruitful solutions for our issues. Unwanted fat is a more widespread issue than we would normally think. Various people have given up the idea of a fit and sculpted body after constantly exercising and maintaining healthy diets. 

Surgical procedures, as the only cosmetic solution for fat, have caused frustration and hesitation among people. But now, with non-invasive treatments like Cryotherapy, we can address unwanted fat accumulation in the body and unveil a toned and sculpted body. All fitness enthusiasts now have a chance to reduce their fat pockets that they have not been able to eliminate with intense exercising. 

Cutera Aesthetics can be a partner in your journey to body sculpting and toning. Our experts provide cryotherapy services and offer a free consultation to clients before undergoing the treatment.