What is Non-surgical Body Sculpting? How Does it Work?

The word non-surgical pretty much sums up the differences between traditional and non-invasive body sculpting. Most of us keep exercising and dieting, but some body areas are too stubborn and do not want to give up on their fat accumulation. Regardless of how hard we try, we cannot get our hands on our desired results. Our body preferences remain unachievable as we continue to struggle. Like most of us, I cannot imagine undergoing surgeries for fat reduction, but I also want to get a toned body. So after constantly researching for an adequate alternative, I came across non-surgical body sculpting procedures. 

This approach includes multiple non-invasive treatments that can destroy fat cells and help us get the bodies we were all meant to flaunt. These methods entirely remove fat cells or reduce fat from specific areas to let people have toned and well-sculpted bodies. These treatments are carried out by using the following mediums: 

  • Using cold waves
  • Using heat waves
  • Using ultrasonic waves 
  • Using injections 

Usually, these cosmetic approaches are not ideally a weight loss alternative or solution for people who are obese or want to reduce a lot of weight. The appropriate candidates for these treatments are close to their ideal weight and fall under a healthy body mass index (BMI). People having a BMI less than 30 cannot undergo these procedures. These treatments can help people get rid of fat accumulation in certain places of their bodies, including upper arms, thighs, lower abdomen, hips, love handles or flanks, etc. 

Different Types of Non-surgical Body Sculpting Methods 

There are many effective non-surgical body sculpting methods: laser treatment, cool sculpting or Cryolipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation therapy, and injection lipolysis are some of these methods. Their mode of functioning is different from one another. For instance, cool sculpting uses extreme cold to break down fat cells, whereas laser treatment uses heat energy. Ultrasound cavitation therapy uses radiofrequency ultrasonic waves to empty the contents present inside fat cells. Lastly, injection lipolysis is a method in which injectable deoxycholic acid targets fat cells and destroys them. 

The result of all these procedures is a toned and trimmed body. These methods are pain-free and do not take too much time either. Thus, they are the quickest and most suitable medium for people who want fast results without undergoing any surgical procedure. The most common areas/body parts that these treatments can target and reduce fat from are:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Love handles 
  • Saggy upper arms
  • Bra and back fat
  • Underneath the buttocks (banana roll)
  • Double chin (Under chin area)

What Are The Promised Results of Non-surgical Body Sculpting?

The significant benefit of this fat reduction approach is that we may target specific areas that seem problematic to us and save our bodies from the pain, swelling, and aftereffects of going through any surgical process. Fat reduction is easy to achieve with non-surgical body sculpting and can last as long as we keep a healthy lifestyle. 

There are also many options within this medical field, and everyone can find a suitable solution for their suited problems. Your medical specialist can better guide you by understanding your medical history and the treatment that can provide maximum results. However, according to your body type, the treatment results vary. If you do not gain significant weight, the effects are long-term. So maintaining a good diet with proper exercise is still necessary if a person wants to maintain a healthy body and physique.

Best Candidates for Non-invasive Body Sculpting 

Just like a BMI less than 30 is mandatory for these medical approaches, there are other equally essential traits that a candidate needs to possess before carrying on with these treatments. 

Skin texture and elasticity

Candidates with firm or slightly loose skin are ideal for getting these treatments and getting the maximum results with full effectiveness. The best way to understand which method will work best for you is by talking to your specialist and making a decision based on your skin laxity. This will help you understand which treatment can work best for you according to your fat type and skin texture. 

Near your ideal weight

Another crucial trait that every candidate should have before carrying on with these medical approaches is to be near your ideal weight range. Since this is not a solution for obese people or those with excessive fat all over their bodies, excessively bulky people cannot achieve the results they want with non-surgical body contouring. 

Already conceived or has no intention of conceiving

Women who have conceived in the past or do not wish to get pregnant are also good candidates for such treatments. Since pregnancy can have long-term impacts on your body, the results of these treatments cannot sustain or live through after pregnancy. You may also get a revised treatment after conceiving if you wish to deliver a baby and want a slimmer physique. 

Can establish healthy habits

People who are good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also be perfect for such treatments. This is because of their ability to carry on with life and still be mindful of what they eat and how much exercise their body requires to be in the shape they wish to stay. 

Final Words

Today, our body is also a beauty trend that needs to keep up with altering shifts in fashion. Moreover, a slimmer and fit body can help a person live a healthier and happy life. Non-surgical body contouring is ideal for all who feel their stubborn fat pockets do not let them be their best versions. Many credible platforms are providing these services, and among these, Cutera Aesthetics has managed to earn a good name. Get a free consultation from our experts!