Unwanted Hair, Your Worst Enemy. How is Laser Hair Removal Your Ultimate Savior?

Dealing with body hair that we do not want on our bodies is a hard struggle. The current beauty standards and aesthetic aspects require us to be hair-free to look and feel beautiful. Laser hair removal is the new hype in the beauty world which can effectively help with hair removal and provide a permanent hair reduction solution. Women have been investing in hair removal practices for a long, long time. Today, men have also shifted toward different beauty mantras, including body hair removal. The preference for hair removal techniques has led us to discover multiple hair removal approaches, including shaving, threading, plucking, waxing, and many other depilatory measures.

To say the least, these hair removal methods are a never-ending struggle. They all work differently and provide temporary relief from hair growth. Shaving leaves the hair strands intact with the follicles and cuts off the hairs from the skin surface. With threading, you pull out hair strands with the help of a thread that breaks off the hair at a deeper level than shaving but does not pluck the hair out of the follicle. Waxing is another aggressive procedure of putting hot wax on the skin and pulling it off to draw hairs from the follicles. Whereas depilatory creams and lotions simply break the hair strands, the follicle is not harmed. 

These hair removal approaches cannot promise long-term relief from hair regrowth. The most long-term and effective method is waxing, but it is another horror because of how painful it is. For as long as the desire to have a hair-free body has been common, the struggle for hair removal has also stayed within our society. Some want to remove unwanted hairs from their legs, some want hair-free arms, and others just want a hair-free body completely. Thus, we have been using these upper mentioned traditional practices for a long time. 

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal 

Shaving and depilatory methods can cause ingrown hair growth, skin irritation, rashes, and, not to forget, quick hair regrowth and uncomfortable stubble. Waxing may help remove unwanted hair for a more extended period. Still, the pain is too much to tolerate, especially for people who want to remove unwanted hair from their entire body. Even if a person sticks to waxing for legs or arms, the pain is still a drawback. Laser hair removal does not pluck, pull, or draw hair strands out of the follicle but targets the follicles and hinders their ability to regrow hair. 

The laser hair removal technology is advanced thermal energy that destroys the hair follicles with the use of heat. Our hair strands absorb heat energy using melanin, a pigment present in them, and take it toward the follicle base. The heat injures the follicle severely, which cannot repair itself. Once destroyed, these follicles cannot grow hair, and thus, this technology can aid in permanent hair removal

The technology is safe and does not cause any skin damage. And if you are concerned about the pain levels, laser hair removal is here to change the proverb, “Beauty is pain.” This hair removal method is not painful. You will go through mild discomfort while undergoing the treatment, but it will be completely tolerable. 

Our body has millions of hair follicles that produce and grow hairs. It is impossible to target all follicles in a single-session treatment since 20% of our body hair is in a growing phase and cannot absorb this thermal energy. Thus, on the basis of your hair growth, you will get multiple treatments (4 to 6 sessions). After completing the whole procedure, you can simply get past all the uncomfortable, painful, and tiring hair removal routines and flaunt your hair-free and carefree self. 

Pros of Laser Hair Removal Technology

Above every other beneficial aspect, laser hair removal offers a permanent hair reduction and removal. It is pain-free and does not hold any side effects. What else could we ask for? The procedure is quick and does not take hours, unlike waxing or other methods. Depending upon the treatment area, your procedure can take 30 to 40 minutes. Smaller areas, such as underarms, take a lot less time. 

Moreover, laser hair removal can target body hair on almost any part of your body and even the short ones, which waxing fails to remove. This technology is incredibly precise, making laser hair removal ideal even for people looking to target and remove a few specific hairs, i.e., their arms or legs. 

Cutera Aesthetics is your road to smooth, silky, and hair-free skin. We offer a free consultation and patch test to our clients to understand how the laser technology works and what they should expect from it. Hurry up and avail of laser hair removal at economical rates!