Top 3 Hair Removal Trends of 2022

Unwanted hair and the constant struggle that comes with it are just indescribable. Body hair and beauty standards have always had contradictions, and to keep up with these standards, we have to invest in multiple hair removal methods. We are all well aware of the struggles we have to go through to enjoy a hair-free feel that does not even last long. 2022 is the year of progress, and as fast-paced as our world is, we also require modern solutions for our not-so-modern problems, including hair removal. Should one opt for shaving or just stick to waxing? Is threading a better alternative or epilating machines are the new hack? Is permanent hair removal possible? How long can you stay hair-free with these hair removal techniques? So many questions and so little knowledge. 

This blog will help you explore top trends in the fashion industry for hair removal, how they work, and which one you should stick to for more extended convenience and ease?

Popular Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair 

It is not just women that have to deal with unwanted hair. Men also desire to eradicate their unwanted hair to look and feel attractive and at ease. It is specific body parts for some and full body for others; the main thing is to get rid of unwanted hair. Hair growth has been thought of as an unstoppable phenomenon for decades. Although it is a natural process, stopping it is now possible thanks to the advancements in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Following are the most popular hair removal methods that people follow and get their desired results:


Convenience is above comfort in the case of beauty hacks. Shaving is by far the most common hair removal method that people use. It is pain-free, as the hairs remain intact to their follicle, and there is no pulling or tugging involved. Who does not like a pain-free way of hair removal? But once you start shaving, be ready to deal with rough stubble and irritated skin, and not to forget, hair regrowth within the next two days. Another adverse aftermath of shaving is dealing with ingrown hairs that do not look appealing on the skin. Moreover, there is not much you can do about these ingrown hairs. 

Repetitive shaving can irritate your skin and make hair growth appear thicker as the blade cuts them off. Regrowth of hair in body areas that rub against each other is an irritating experience and can lead to rashes. Shaving is, no doubt, the quickest hair removal method, but is it worth it? People who are always on the go and do not have enough time to do repetitive shaving to elongate their smooth-skin feel are not the ideal candidates for this method. 

As convenient as hair removal is with shaving, it is still not an exceptionally remarkable method and carries its fair share of cons. 


A painful but beneficial hair removal method, waxing also holds its advantages and disadvantages. With waxing, you can pull hairs from the follicles, so hair regrowth occurs slowly, and you can enjoy hair-free skin for up to two weeks. Even after this, the hairs start growing and are not much trouble. 

The prominent drawback of waxing is pain. Plucking the hair strands out of the follicles is not as fun as it sounds. Moreover, the delicate body areas can hurt a lot, and it is not a method that everyone wants to avail. Finding time to shave is still easier than tolerating pain that is just unbearable for people with excess hair growth. Still, many people use waxing as their means of getting hair-free skin. Like shaving, waxing also causes ingrown hair and, in some cases, can cause irritation. 

Laser Hair Removal

The last and most rapidly expanding hair removal method that people are now shifting to is laser hair removal. This treatment is a skin procedure that provides near-to permanent results in terms of hair removal. Unlike all other traditional hair removal methods, laser hair 

removal targets the hair follicles and destroys them, inhibiting their ability to grow hair. 

After you complete the treatment, which consists of 4 to 6 sessions at four-week intervals, you can enjoy hair-free skin. The most you’ll require is follow-up maintenance sessions as our  20% of hairs are always in the growing phase, and to target them, we need to let them grow first. The treatment itself is rewarding and can help get rid of hair growth. The only thing that you really need to be careful about is the place you choose for your treatment. Cutera Aesthetics offers remarkably economical and affordable laser hair removal packages. Their team of experts provides acclaimed services and can cater to your needs and preferences.