Thread Lifts: Non-surgical Facelifts and Their Benefits

Thread Lift is a great new alternative to surgical facelift treatments. It is a minimally invasive procedure crafted to restructure the facial skin without surgery. The treatment results are very similar to the surgical facelift, but this procedure is a safe option to achieve a youthful appearance. So, the surgical facelift is not the only treatment option available if you want to do away with the wrinkles and sagging skin. 

Thread Lifts for Long-Term Facial Rejuvenation

Thread lift treatment covers almost all the parts of your face to give you a fresh look. The areas of the face which are treated with thread lifts are:

  1. Forehead lines
  2. Temple lifting
  3. Droopy eyebrows
  4. Droopy cheeks
  5. Smile lines
  6. Chubby face tissues
  7. Marionette lines
  8. Jowls
  9. Saggy Neck folds
  10. Neck creases

Thus, thread lift is an effective treatment for lifting the sagging skin on the face and neck.

The use of sutures or threads in this procedure has gained it a common reference as sutures lift. These threads have knots specially designed to keep the skin in place after it has been lifted as per the patient’s preference. Thread lifts allow you to control your procedure results. For instance, thread lifts can fulfill this desire if you prefer natural-looking results. Contrarily, surgical facelifts can give you a robotic look that no one likes. Over a while, these threads naturally break down. The results last 36-60 months, depending on various factors. 

As you age, the skin areas commonly affected are the forehead, area around the eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Thread lift helps significantly reduce worry lines and wrinkles for naturally tight skin and a younger appearance. Thread lifting is not only restricted to the face or neck but is also quite an effective treatment for other body parts. 

Various Benefits of Thread Lift

Following are some of the benefits that skin treatments like thread lifts provide:

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike surgical facelifts, thread lifts also promise post-treatment benefits. The results keep enhancing with gradual stimulation of collagen production that lasts for a long time. Moreover, the dissolvable threads under the skin do not absorb right away. Instead, absorption can take up to a year. Once the threads are absorbed, results can last anywhere from three months to over two years. You can expect treatment results to last between nine months and three years. Compared to a traditional facelift, the safety of this effective anti-aging treatment is quite apparent. Polydioxanone (PDO) threads have been used for over three decades to treat and close wounds, suture incisions during cosmetic procedures, and more. But today, these threads have shown significance in treating aged, saggy, and droopy skin. 


Unlike a traditional facelift, this treatment is not invasive. When you walk out of the office after your treatment, there will be no swelling, redness, irritation, or other visible signs that you have had “work done.” All people will know that you appear young and healthy when they look at you. Moreover, threads are only inserted into the superficial layers of your skin. There are few and far between nerve endings, so treatment doesn’t hurt.  

Immediate Results

Due to swelling and inflammation, you have to wait several weeks to see the results of a facelift. The results of a PDO thread lift are immediate. Even better, results improve after two to three months as your body finishes producing new, healthy collagen.

Customizable Treatments

One of the most significant benefits of PDO lifts is customizability. Since PDO threads come in all shapes and sizes, your anti-aging treatment will be customized to your skin type, skin condition, and aesthetic goals. For example, relatively thin mono-threads are ideal for restoring volume and rejuvenating the cheeks and chin. Contrastingly, thicker threads can be used to lift and hold sagging skin around your neck and jowls.


You will look younger after a PDO thread lift because your sagging skin will be tightened and lifted. However, the results only continue to improve when you walk out of our comfortable, inviting office. The threading process stimulates your body’s production of collagen and elastin: the proteins and fibers responsible for plumping up and tightening your skin.

Am I A Good Candidate?

The best candidate for a PDO lift is looking to turn back the hands of time without going under the knife. They are between the ages of 30 and 65 and are displeased with mild-to-moderate skin sagging. Good candidates have skin that is not too heavy or too thin and has not previously had a facelift. Skin is of good quality and has not been extensively and chronically damaged by the sun.

The ideal candidate for this treatment also has realistic expectations about the results. He understands that the results are immediate and will improve over time but will not be permanent. Cutera Aesthetics can help you in your journey toward better-looking skin. Feel free to contact us today!