Thread Lift: Best Non-Surgical Alternative To Facelift

Saggy and droopy skin strip our self-confidence and makes us conscious of our appearance. Aging is an unstoppable phase of life but dealing with aging signs, be it wrinkles, creases, folds, or skin laxity, is quite a struggle. For years, aging men and women have opted for facelift surgeries to cancel off and address skin laxity and aging signs. However, the need for a relatively safer, less painful, and equally effective treatment has pushed us to discover various alternatives to surgical facelifts, including Thread Lifts. Facial surgeries give off a robotic and expressionless face with unnatural results. So if you want to scratch off some years from your appearance and want natural-looking results without surgery, thread lift procedures are your ultimate ally. 

What are Thread Lifts? Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

Thread lifts are injectable cosmetic treatments that use dissolvable sutures to rejuvenate droopy and saggy skin. This process is non-surgical and only minimally invasive, as the threads are injected under the skin’s surface in the problem areas. These threads vary in size, diameter, length, and strength and can offer different kinds of results. The most commonly used threads for this procedure are PDO or polydioxanone, which are medically made. Very fine threads are used for facial wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess in the cheeks. Medium-strength threads lift the jaw and define it, and so on. So how does this work? The threads are inserted under the skin surface and gently pulled through the other end of the thread to father and tighten the lax tissue. 

There are multiple reasons behind this treatment’s spreading popularity in the market. The essential ones include its effectiveness in improving the skin appearance by providing an immediate, albeit subtle, lift. Moreover, the ability of this treatment to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production is another key factor behind its immense success in the market. Internally, the threads stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. The insertion sites work as active spots for collagen stimulation under the skin. To insert these threads, micro-wounds and punctures are made into the skin. Although these are slight injuries, they can kickstart and boost the body’s collagen production to heal the wounds and, in an attempt to do so, cancel out any mild aging signs and skin imperfections. 

Is Thread Lift Painful, And How Much Is The Recovery Time?

In comparison with surgical facelifts, thread lift is not an aggressively invasive procedure and is not too painful either. The threads are inserted through micro-wounds that do not hurt a lot. On the contrary, facial surgeries include invasive approaches such as incisions, grafting, cutting, and skin stitching. This makes the procedure painful, even if the patient is sedated. 

Moreover, the recovery times are yet another struggle that a person has to go through. Moving facial muscles is prohibited, and you may not be able to talk or even eat post-treatment properly for some days. But when it comes to convenience, thread lifts make the target of achieving youthful-looking skin a relief. The procedure is hardly painful and is over even before you expect it to. Thread lifts take 30 to 40 minutes, and the downtime is too minimal. You may be advised to take care of your skin and avoid certain activities to ensure a quick recovery and eradicate any chances of adverse side effects. 

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Various Benefits of Thread Lifts

Following are some of the most beneficial aspects of thread lifts that make them an exceptional treatment for skin sagginess and laxity:

Quick And Minimally Invasive

We have already discussed that the Thread lift procedure typically takes less than an hour, and the patient can go about with his life without any need for bed rest or heavy medication post-treatment. Thread lifts have sometimes been referred to as ‘the lunchtime facelift’ because people can go on with their normal routines after getting this treatment. No deep cutting or stitching is involved, so the risks of scarring or infection are much lower than with conventional facelift surgeries. 

Requires No General Anesthetic

In the case of surgical facelifts, patients are given anesthesia. They are sedated before the operation, but this procedure is an excellent option for people who want to achieve effective results without going under the knife or looking like they had a cosmetic procedure. The natural-looking results can make you look younger and still natural in your appearance, unlike traditional surgical approaches. 

Minimal Recovery Time 

This is a minimally painful treatment, so you do not worry about recovery times. There may be some initial redness or swelling, but this should resolve in a few days, certainly in less than a week. 

Another crucial aspect of this treatment is its effectiveness for various body parts and not just the face. Skin laxity and sagginess are now treatable in different body regions with the help of this treatment.