The Hidden Mystery Behind Picosecond Laser

Acne is a common condition resulting from clogged pores and excess oil production. Acne is just an inconvenience and can damage our skin by leaving stubborn acne marks and scars, in all its forms. These scars appear as indentations, bumps, depressions, and discolored patches. Needless to say, these marks can make your skin appear dull and unclear since the acne pits create shadows on certain areas that create an uneven tone and texture. Multiple surgical and agonistic treatments have claimed to remove acne scars for a long time. But their aggressive approach stopped many of us from undergoing these procedures. However, today, we have discovered various safe and minimally invasive scar reduction treatments, such as the picosecond laser

A scar reduction solution for acne remnants, this skin treatment is highly effective in clearing out and smoothing the skin surface. On the basis of acne, the scars differ in structure, shape, and volume. Some penetrate the skin at a deeper level, while others are bigger than others. But they damage the skin surface and are visually unattractive. Mild acne causes light scarring on the skin, but severe acne breakouts lead to stubborn and visible marks. 

How Does Picosecond Laser Reduce Acne Scars?

Acne causes pores and hair follicles inflammation that leads to simple bumps or pus-filled pimples that cause scarring and cellular damage to the skin layers. Proper skincare is crucial to minimize the chances of acne breakouts. Removing acne flares is also important if you want to clarify and smoothen out your skin. 

Oil, dead skin cells, and dirt can fill pores, trapping bacteria within them. So, properly cleansing your pores can reduce your chances of developing active acne. Then come the leftover scars that tell the tale of a cruel battle with acne. Severe acne can affect the surface as well as the deeper layers of your skin. If your body’s natural healing process isn’t able to repair the damage, permanent scar tissue can form. However, you can feel at peace because the picosecond laser can treat your scars safely and effectively. 

The picosecond laser is the only laser treatment approved by the FDA for treating acne scars, bumps, and skin indentation. The picosecond laser has a unique method of delivering concentrated energy in short bursts. As its name suggests, the laser delivers energy quicker than even a nano-second. These energy bursts target the skin tissues and break apart the scar tissue into tiny pieces, which your body then reabsorbs and utilizes naturally. 

This skin treatment is not just an acne scar reduction solution, but it can also treat different skin issues such as hyperpigmentation and melasma, etc. To treat the darker skin patches, this laser technology also corrects the pigment and hence is also in use as a tattoo removal alternative. 

How Many Picosecond Treatments Are Enough To Treat Acne Scars?

Our skin needs time to repair its tissues after the laser breaks them apart. Thus, the number of treatments varies depending on the size and severity of your acne scars, your skin type, and other individual factors. Typically a series of treatments are necessary, spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. If you still feel you need to talk to a medical specialist, Cutera Aesthetics offers a free consultation to its clients. After your initial consultation, our experienced professionals will customize a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best results as per your expectations.

How Does Picosecond Laser Feel on the Skin?

The Picosecond laser treatment is quick, so you do not have to worry about lengthy procedures. It takes about 10 minutes, and the procedure isn’t painful at all. The laser is safe for the skin and does not damage the skin’s outer surface. You could feel a snapping sensation, like a rubber band against your skin. Most people find this to be tolerable and only mildly uncomfortable. But you can request to apply a topical anesthetic if you are concerned about your sensitive skin. This laser treatment is so far the quickest and most effective solution for acne scars and many other skin issues that occur due to prolonged sun exposure. 

There’s no downtime following the picosecond laser treatments, as it is non-invasive and safe. There are no severe side effects, but you may experience some slight redness, bruising, or discoloration in the treated area. These are temporary side effects and should subside within 24 hours. It is also good to avoid direct sun exposure to the treated area post-treatment for up to a week after your appointment.

The results are long-term unless you experience acne breakouts again. So after availing of this treatment, invest in good skincare products and develop a healthy routine to reduce acne inflammations and the possibility of stubborn scarring.