Snatch Your Facial Structure with Thread Lifts

Our face is the most important part of our physical appearance. Thys, facial skin holds a great deal of vitality in forming our personality and physical appeal. Aging is an inevitable phenomenon that takes its toll on the skin by making it saggy, droopy, and increasing skin creases and lines. These aging signs can alter the shape and structure of your skin, making it unattractive. Youthful skin resonates with beauty and charm and captivates attention. In comparison, laxing skin does the exact opposite. Therefore, aesthetic skin treatments like thread lifts have seen a rapid rise in their demand to address aging signs and skin sagginess. 

Thread lifts are the latest in non-surgical and minimally invasive skin-rejuvenating procedures. The results are amazing, considering the procedure is instantly effective and can make a visible difference in terms of skin appearance. Moreover, the recovery time is far less than that of traditional face-lift surgery or other surgical approaches. A thread lift is also an exceptional preventive anti-aging procedure. If you are just beginning to notice the aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face, you may want to consider a thread lift. Thread lifts have a complete history of rejection and improvement, and the procedure has come a long way from where it started. The older technology used plastic threads that led to awful skin side effects. However, the technology has advanced, and the modern-day thread lift procedures are much safer and more effective. 

How Do Thread Lifts Provide Shape and Structure to the Face?

Thread lifts use polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are medically safe for the skin and dissolve after some time without causing severe side effects. During a thread lift procedure, threads made of transparent polydioxanone material are inserted into your skin, just below the surface, by a large needle that carries the thread to the right level. These threads are inserted via needles and have grabbers that attach to the skin and pull it to lift and smooth it. Because of the needle’s and threads’ deep placement, the skin can be reshaped and restructured to create a less saggy appearance.

These threads not only actively help with sagging skin, but the micro-injuries that the needles make whole inserting the threads are also responsible for boosting collagen production. The thread is made of a dissolving material, so the risk of infection is also almost non-existent. 

What Areas Benefit From A Thread Lift?

We cannot compare the results of surgical and non-surgical skin treatments. However, wouldn’t it be best to choose a procedure that can show effective and visible results and address our concerns instantly without requiring long surgical approaches and extended downtimes? Similar is the case with thread lifts; the procedure is safe and quick and can promise a visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. The areas that benefit the most but are not limited to are your jowls, face, and neck. You can have thread lifts performed on other areas of your body, as well. Just about anywhere you have skin can benefit from a thread lift. Your breasts, buttocks, décolletage, and even saggy knees can be tightened and toned in appearance with a thread lift.

Who is the best candidate for a thread lift?

Those who get the better results from a thread lift are typically between 30 and 60 when skin or people in their mid-twenties as they start developing aging signs. Older patients, and those with a lot of sagging skin, perhaps from excessive weight loss, cannot benefit from this procedure as much as they’d want to. A thread lift is a great way to boost collagen production to prevent early aging. Your procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which means you stay awake. Risks associated with general anesthesia are of no concern with a thread lift. Recovery time is minimal, and there is no need for much advance prep.

Very Little Downtime Required

Compared with the traditional surgical face-lift, your healing, which might have some early discomfort, will be pretty much a non-event. You can expect pain, bruising, and swelling for the first few days after the procedure, and you’ll probably want to take advantage of your prescription for pain pills. You won’t be able to wash your face or resume your regular skin care regimen for the first 12 hours. Drink plenty of water, and get your rest. Because the technique is so advanced, and the thread material dissolves, there will be little to no scarring. Any scars that do form will be virtually invisible. You can expect the results to last up to six months, although this depends on the boost you get from the collagen production.

Rejuvenate your skin 

You may not be ready for an all-in surgical face-lift, but you’d like to rejuvenate your skin. You’re tired of looking tired and far too young for the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. The thread lift offers you the perfect solution: tighter, firmer, younger-looking skin through a minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time. No wonder everyone is talking about thread lifts. If you want to revive the wheel of time and utilize this treatment, Cutera Aesthetics will be more than happy to assist you in your journey towards a younger-looking, firm,  and smooth skin.