Micro-Needling: The Answer To All Skin Issues 

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that can treat scars, collagen loss, encourage hair growth and much more. It is a versatile treatment and can treat all body areas, from the scalp to other body parts. One of the most differentiating benefits of getting microneedling is that it works well with various other treatments like PRP and Radiofrequency to treat many skin concerns. 

Characteristics that Make Micro-needling an All-rounder

Microneedling is all the rage in skincare, and for a good reason. The process involves rolling a wand or pen with mini-needles to create tiny wounds. These wounds are minuscule and only skin-deep, but your body responds with alarm, sending in healing factors that boost skin strength, radiance, and health. As much as this treatment is helpful, it also is risky in the hands of an unskilled medical practitioner or esthetician. Hence, it is crucial to trust only the best, and Cutera Aesthetics can assist you. Our professionals are ever-ready to help you uncover your spot-less and youthful skin. So hurry up, and contact us today for a free consultation!  

Microneedling makes your skin glow after just one treatment and continues to boost the appearance of your complexion for months afterwards. The benefits of microneedling are many. Here are 10 of the most notable uses of this skin treatment:

Reduces The Appearance Of Lines And Wrinkles

No one wants to look older than they are. But premature ageing that presents as fine lines and wrinkles does just that. The tiny injuries from a microneedling session boost collagen and elastin production to fight lines and wrinkles.

Collagen and elastin are compounds in your skin that add structure and strength, lending a youthful quality. The wound-healing mechanisms stimulate your body to produce new skin cells, making fine lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles less apparent.

Scar Treatment

Because microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production, it’s also super effective in addressing acne and other scars on your skin. The only type of scar not possible to treat is keloid or raised scars.

Sun Damage

Microneedling effectively reduces the appearance of sun damage, particularly hyperpigmentation and age spots. If you have a blotchy, brownish complexion, which is probably a result of too many days of sunning, microneedling and its ability to stimulate new collagen and skin cells can reinvigorate your look and even out your tone.


Ageing doesn’t just show wrinkles and discolouration. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and appears lax. Ageing skin may also look dull and lack a lustrous glow; Microneedling can change this.

The buildup of collagen that occurs in response to tiny wounds can improve skin structure to fight sag. Plus, just 24 hours following a session, you experience a radiant, fresh glow.

Shrinks Pores

Even though microneedling involves punching holes in your skin, it doesn’t increase the size of your pores. In fact, it helps your pores appear much smaller. When the collagen around your pores is stimulated, the area around each pore plumps, making the pore itself almost disappear.

Improves The Effectiveness Of Topical Products

Post-microneedling is the prime time to apply anti-ageing treatments, moisturizers, and other topical treatments that boost skin health and appearance. The micro-holes receive creams, serums, and gels more readily and deliver them deeper into your dermis than when applied regularly.

Fights Stretch Marks

Microneedling works just about anywhere on your body. It can effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks that appear after periods of rapid growth, such as during pregnancy.

Rosacea Reduction

The ruddiness and skin thickening of rosacea can be addressed with microneedling. If you suffer from this skin condition, you experience a hastened collagen breakdown. Microneedling stimulates the growth of collagen to offset and replace this breakdown, so your skin looks less inflamed and irritated.

Acne Improvements

Because of the improved delivery of topical applications, you can use microneedling to help improve the effectiveness of topical acne treatments. Regular microneedling applications at Signature Skin Care can help your skin clear up.

Fewer Side Effects Than Laser Or Intensive Peels

Microneedling’s effects are comparable to laser and chemical peel treatments but without long downtime. You can enjoy a glowing complexion 24-72 hours after microneedling, but your recovery may take three to 10 days with laser resurfacing. Your complexion needs 14-21 days to bounce back after a medium or intensive peel.

Generally speaking, in-office treatments use slightly sharper needles which are safe when used by a professional, so there isn’t much to worry about. However, do your research and talk to your medical practitioner before the procedure. This will minimise the risk of any side effects.