Lip Augmentation: Various Procedures and Their Effectiveness

Do you have thinner lips than you want, and have you been idealizing celebrities and their luscious lips? Have your lips lost volume with age or have to struggle with naturally thin lips? You may consider a temporary or semi-permanent aesthetic treatment to help you with lip volume. The non-surgical and minimally invasive lip augmentation treatments have helped various people get their desired lip structure, shape, and volume. Lip augmentation is a procedure that plumps the lips via surgical or non-surgical means. It creates fuller, plumper, more youthful-looking lips. 

Lip Augmentation: A Prominent Beauty Trend

Beauty trends are ever-evolving, but some trends stay for a long while and sometimes never get out of fashion. Plump and fuller lips that give you that perfect pout is taking the world by storm. The latest celebrity trend has gotten everyone wondering how they can have the new lip look. We will tell you everything you need to know about lip fillers. You will learn what they are, how they are done, and where is the best place to get them. 

Once you’ve read our little guide, you will have all the answers you need to make an informed choice about whether or not lip fillers are for you. There are several different ways to achieve lip augmentation. Here are the non-surgical lip augmentation options that Cutera Aesthetics offers to its clients:

Dermal Fillers

The most common types of dermal fillers include collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers. Restylane and Juvederm are two of the most famous hyaluronic acid injections which plump the lips using a natural material that your body produces. This makes hyaluronic acid safe to be injected and well-tolerated by the body, reducing your risk of adverse reactions. Dermal fillers are injected in-office, and the procedure only takes a few minutes to complete. Neither requires any downtime. Restylane can plump up the lips, and smooth lines form on the lips. Restylane takes a few days to reach its full potential, and results last up to 10 months. Juvederm can also fix vertical lines in addition to plumping the lips. However, Juvederm results are immediate and last approximately one year. You can choose which fillers can fulfill your needs as per their promised results and longevity. 

Fat Injections

Another natural method of lip plumping is fat injections. The fat used in your procedure is taken from elsewhere in your body using liposuction. Hence, the procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive, but grafting fat from the body requires relatively invasive and painful liposuction. The results from fat injections last longer than dermal fillers (up to several years) and are generally well-tolerated since the fat used is already your own. No incisions are needed on the lips for this procedure.

Lip Implants

Lip implants are considered semi-permanent, as they last for several years. Lip implants are made of biodegradable ingredients and soft silicone rubber. They are inserted into the lips via two small incisions, which leave no visible scarring on the lips due to their positioning. Lip implant procedures take about 30 minutes and only require about one to three days of recovery downtime following the procedure. Implants are removable and are common to enhance different body parts by providing a prominent shape and structure. 

Why Is Lip Augmentation a Convenient and Versatile Procedure? 

How long have you wanted to change the shape and structure of your lips or simply want to add volume and plumpness to your lips? How long have you wondered whether lip augmentation might suit you? Perhaps you have seen friends have their lip augmentation successful. You think they look great, but in the back of your mind are all the ‘trout pout’ lip augmentation disasters you see on magazines and Youtube channels. Are you worried that the lip augmentation disaster will happen to you out of all your friends and acquaintances? Let us reassure you with our best services that times and technology have changed. Gone are the days when you risked your entire looks for the sake of more luscious lips. These days fillers are more temporary than ever, which means if you do not like the result, you can always return to how you looked.

Not that you should be unhappy with the results. Trout pouts were often the result of inexperienced, unskilled practitioners, of the mindset that one set of lips suits all and that bigger always equals beautiful. That is not the case now, and Cutera is a well-acclaimed medical clinic known for its skilled professionals. They are better qualified to assess the facial structure and how the skin is maturing, intending to give you valuable advice on the treatment that would best suit you personally. When you embark on lip augmentation treatment with us, you’ll know how your lips will look before the treatment is commenced.