Laser or Traditional Hair Removal Methods: Which Is Better?

Hair removal is a constant need and has turned into an aesthetic preference as more and more people like hair-free skin. Various methods have been standard for as long as fashion trends exist. Hair removal practices date back to ancient times, where Egyptian women used self-prepared remedies to get rid of unwanted hair and enhance their physical beauty. Many more traditional methods emerged with development and civilization, and today we know of various hair removal techniques. These methods have their specific benefits and results. The most recent technological way to eliminate unwanted hair is laser hair removal

The traditional and laser hair removal methods promise different results. But modern-day people want a simple, effective solution that requires little to no effort. To understand which method is better, we have to get an in-depth idea of what these methods claim to do. 

How Do Traditional Methods of Hair Removal Work?

We first need to understand which hair removal techniques fall under traditional methods. Traditional hair removal methods are shaving, threading, waxing, and hair removal through depilatory lotions and creams. These methods temporarily pluck the hair or shave it off without doing anything to the hair follicle. Thus, the hair grows back after some time. Let’s talk about these methods one by one. 


Waxing is a simple technique that removes hair from the follicle, but the follicle remains intact in the skin, and thus over time, the hair grows back. Hot wax is applied with the help of an applicator, and a piece of soft fabric is used to pull off the hair. With the help of this method, people can remove unwanted hair from any part of their bodies. However, it is a painful procedure, and not every person prefers it. 


Threading, as the name indicates, is carried out using a thread. A twisted thread is rolled over the area of unwanted hair, and it simply plucks the hair out of the follicle. Like waxing, this procedure also removes the hair from the strand, and usually, this method is more common for facial hair removal. However, threading can pull a small portion of hair at a 

time and is more time-taking than waxing. 


Shaving is a method that women and men commonly use for hair removal and depilation. This process is carried out using a razor blade. A thin layer of lubricants such as shaving foam or cream is applied to the area to soften the hair. Shaving is done in the direction of hair growth. This method does not pluck or thread the hair from its follicle. It just simply cuts it off from the outermost layer of our skin. 

Depilatory lotions and creams

Many companies have also manufactured depilatory creams and lotions applied to unwanted hair areas. The lotions and creams are applied for a specific time. Usually, this time is between 5-10 mins. These creams weaken the hair strand, and it breaks off from the uppermost layer of our skin, and the follicle stays behind fully intact. After completing the required time, you simply wipe off the coating from your skin and all hair with it painlessly. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? 

Unlike traditional methods, the laser hair removal method requires technological involvement. This complex method uses a laser light that attacks the follicle instead of targeting hair strands or plucking them out of the follicle. The aim is to destroy the follicle so that the hair cannot grow back. This method is more of a permanent solution for unwanted hair. 

The procedure starts by applying cooling gel to the treatment area. After it, the laser is applied to the area, and the process begins. Permanent Hair reduction requires 6 to 8 sessions, and you can expect up to 90% hair reduction once the treatment plan is over.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Hair Removal Methods 

Every hair removal method holds some pros and cons regarding its effectiveness, nature, and results. But the main thing is to understand which way is better by evaluating all possible factors, either good or bad, and deciding accordingly. 


An inexpensive solution

Waxing, shaving, threading, or other depilatory methods do not cost an arm and a leg. People belonging to any social group can easily access these traditional methods and get the results they prefer one way or the other. Thus, we can also say that traditional hair removal techniques have always fallen into the affordable ranges of people, as per their preferences. 

No aftercare measures

After undergoing any traditional method, you are not restricted from applying anything to your skin. You can use lotions, creams, and even makeup if you desire. Moreover, sun exposure is not prohibited after traditional hair removal practices, and if you wish to spend some time at the beach or be in the sun, you are free to live your life. 

Effective for all skin and hair types

One of the most beneficial aspects of traditional hair removal methods is their efficiency for all skin and hair types. Whether you choose shaving, threading, waxing, or depilatory lotions for hair removal, you may get results regardless of your skin tone and hair type.

At your own convenience 

Lastly, you can use these traditional methods whenever you want. As most of these methods are self-performed, you do not have to seek assistance or ask someone else to do it. For instance, you can shave while bathing or waxing on the weekend. Thus, traditional methods let you decide when, where, and how you want to remove your unwanted hair. 


Traditional methods may have all or some of the following cons:


The factor that makes traditional methods such as waxing and threading an uneasy option includes the pain level. Since both these methods pull the hair out of the follicle, it hurts! It is excruciating on sensitive areas such as the bikini, face, back, etc. Although shaving and depilatory creams do not cause any pain, they can irritate the skin.


Removing unwanted hair using traditional methods can be stressful because we already understand that these methods are temporary solutions. After some time, the hair starts growing back. However, the growing time varies for every technique. For instance, you can get rid of unwanted hair for a few weeks by shaving. But, this does not mean that you can stay hair-free the whole time. One of the major drawbacks of waxing is that it requires hair to be of a certain length to pull it out again effectively. This means that people who prefer waxing can only enjoy the hair-free phase for a limited time and then have to deal with uncomfortable stubble.


All these methods are highly time-consuming. People who are always on the go cannot find enough time to remove unwanted hair with the help of traditional hair removal methods. 

Frequent regrowth

Although these temporary solutions can help get rid of unwanted hair, but do not provide a permanent solution. And so, these are a little problematic. The hair regrowth period varies. The most prolonged period for a person to achieve hair-free skin is through threading and waxing, which goes up to three weeks, and the hair starts growing back. 

Ingrown hair

One of the major drawbacks of these methods is the appearance of ingrown hair. Whether shaving, threading, or waxing, all can cause ingrown hair. These ingrown hairs are visible and can make your skin look clogged. 

Uncomfortable stubble 

Comfort is something that every person desires. But with traditional hair removal methods, achieving hair-free skin is tiring. Since the hairs have to be of a certain length, people have to deal with uncomfortable stubble that can further irritate the skin on areas that rub with each other, like your thighs, etc.

Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment 


The pros and benefits of the laser hair removal method are as follows:

Long-term results

Since laser hair removal has become a permanent solution for unwanted hair, it promises long-term results. This means that people who get laser hair removal treatment do not have to worry about hair regrowth or deal with the trouble of removing hair again and again. 

Save time

Time is everything in the modern world, and people like to invest in time-saving things. Laser hair removal procedures are a great way to deal with your existing hair problems and live a tension-free life. 


In addition to this, unlike traditional hair removal methods, this procedure is not specific in its usage. You can use laser treatments on any part of your body. Since you have a professional performing this treatment, catering to all body parts with laser methods. 

Painless and safe

The best thing about laser hair removal is that it is entirely painless. What else do people need? They can get rid of unwanted hair from any part of their bodies, including the sensitive parts, and feel no particular pain. Moreover, contrary to previous beliefs, laser hair removal treatments are completely safe and do not cause any skin damage. 


Skin and hair type

Although almost everyone can get laser hair removal treatments, they’re most effective on people with light skin tones and darker hair. People of color can struggle a little while getting their laser hair removal treatments. 


Unlike traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal procedures are relatively expensive. This procedure includes 6 to 8 sessions to succeed in providing hair-free skin. 

Professional assistance

People cannot do laser hair treatments on their own and require the assistance of a professional. This makes it a little stressful for some. However, professionals can do a lot better than you can ever do, so do not miss your chance of getting hair-free skin because of this. 

Post-treatment care

Lastly, unlike traditional methods, a person needs to be careful after laser hair removal treatments. Limiting sun exposure and avoiding makeup are crucial post-treatment measures that a person needs to take after laser hair removal procedures. 

Which Method is the Most Beneficial?

Although both methods hold their specific benefits and drawbacks, laser hair removal is a better option, considering its influential factors. Traditional methods can become troublesome and make it hard to cope with day-to-day chores while worrying about your unwanted body hair.