Laser Hair Removal: Is it Worth the Hype?

Like most of us, I also have had my fair share of dealing with unwanted hair, and discovering hair removal methods has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The first time I felt the need to remove my body hair was when I saw one of my friends flaunting her hair-free arms to all of us at school. I still remember I was in awe of how smooth her skin looked and felt. I immediately decided to do whatever she did to get rid of my gorilla-like arms. But little did I know that this venture towards a hair-free life was full of pain and repetitive procedures. 

Till my college, I opted for the method that could give me the most prolonged hair-free time, i.e., waxing. But I was always imagining what it would be like to be done with my body hair once and for all. Reading beauty magazines and watching hair-free women look beautifully attractive was the driving force that pushed and motivated me to find better solutions. But the whole journey included trying different ways, cutting myself with razors, and possibly hurting myself more than anyone else in my life. And all for what? For continuing to do it all over again every time! At last, I came around to laser hair removal treatment and found that it was a permanent solution for unwanted hair, for hair on any part of the body!

Is Laser Hair Removal a Safer Solution?

I have done it all, from shaving to threading and waxing to plucking. So when the laser hair removal method was introduced, I was piqued to know all about it and consider it a permanent solution. But the constant question that kept coming to my mind was if the laser hair removal was safe and worthy enough? Thus, I did my research to be best aware of everything essential I needed to know beforehand.

Initially, I was pretty concerned about the outcomes and the procedure itself. Was it going to hurt like the methods I had been opting for, or would it be more painful? Is it going to damage my skin? Would it be the right decision to go for a laser, and lastly, I was also a little concerned about the entire cost. So after an in-depth search, I came across Cutera Aesthetics and was pleased to know their economic and affordable package. Their experts gave a thorough detail of the whole procedure and ensured that the laser treatment was completely safe as long as professionals did it. 

Before the treatment proceeded, I was given safety goggles to cover my eyes and ensure maximum safety. Additionally, the esthetician performing the procedure was very calm and responded to all my concerns which made me feel at ease.

My First Experience of Getting Laser Hair Treatment 

I decided to test the treatment on my lower legs first because I could easily hide it if I were to get any skin irritation. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement. I had heard that laser treatment feels like a rubber banging slightly on your skin, but the entire experience varies as per an individual’s pain perception level. So I was a little skeptical of how I was going to feel. The doctor started by rubbing a cooling gel and started the process. Surprisingly enough, the sensation was equivalent to a mild tingling on my legs. It took her almost 25 minutes to be done with both my legs and I was given some aftercare advice. 

Depending upon my hair thickness and texture, I was advised to get six sessions for desired noticeable results. Up till now, I have taken three sessions, and I have not experienced any severe side effects. Mild redness and sensitivity appeared, but I dealt with it efficiently as I used cold compresses to calm my skin down. The results have been surprising and pleasant. My hair growth has reduced significantly, and I cannot wait to complete all my sessions and enjoy hair-free skin FOREVER! 

Moreover, after I finish my treatment, I will no longer worry about ingrown hair or uncomfortable stubble that traditional hair removal methods cause. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Worth it? 

I understand women’s struggles to meet modern beauty standards and simply enjoy silky and smooth skin. But, modern solutions have helped us all overcome whatever problems we have had to experience in the past. Hair removal is one of these problematic situations. And if someone asks me whether I will return to the traditional hair removal methods. I’ll say a big NO to that person because I have achieved what I could only dream of with constant shaving, waxing, and threading. As far as the cost concern that most of us have developed thanks to our initial non-acceptance phase for laser, this hair removal treatment is pretty affordable. 

Moreover, suppose we keep on removing hair through traditional ways. Is it worth the pain, the constant struggles, and the discomfort that comes with it? I believe every person would want to give laser hair removal a chance and enjoy permanently silky, smooth, and flawless skin. In my opinion, the laser hair removal technique is an exceptional discovery and is worth it.