Is Laser Hair Removal Really Expensive?

The struggle with unwanted body hair starts with realizing beauty standards and trends. Dealing with pain, struggling with ingrown hair, and dreaming about a hair-free body while doing it again is a part of every woman’s life. Today, we have discovered many new technologies as development is a constant trait in our modern world. Introducing laser hair removal is one of many miraculous discoveries that humans have been able to carry on. 

This procedure works by emitting a light that the melanin present in our hair absorbs. Resultantly, it destroys the hair follicle itself, which inhibits hair growth. The primary purpose of laser hair removal treatments is to find a more permanent solution for unwanted body hair. This procedure reduces hair growth up to 95% and makes the dream of a hair-free body a reality. But there is a common perception that laser hair removal is costly. Today, we will get into this issue in detail to explore whether this practice is affordable for the masses or not? For this, we will have to get into a bit of the backstory of laser hair removal becoming a mainstream approach over the years. 

Cost History of Laser Hair Removal Treatments 

Laser hair removal technology has been talked about since the 1960s but was not considered a permanent solution, nor was it as effective as it is today. With time and the discovery of the skin color scale, the effectiveness of this treatment has magnified. Moreover, it was not considered a safe option, and many thought it could contribute to cancer and other skin diseases. Thanks to constant struggles and efforts, the laser hair removal treatments we have access to are entirely safe and highly effective. 

By the time it came to market, it was extremely costly. But as new inventions have been made, the procedure has become reasonably affordable and economical. Today, there are various options that we can consult and get treatment for the body parts we want. My decision to get laser hair treatment had been up in the air for as long as I could remember. Finally, one day I decided to go for it. I had my fair share of concerns about the costs and the pain I was terrified of. 

How Much Can it Cost, and Is It Worth It?

Decision-making is personal to everyone. My personal opinions are more important than what people support and vouch for. So, instead of people saying that it is worth it even if it costs comparatively more than traditional hair removal methods, I thought of doing some research myself. I compared both ways and evaluated all aspects. Following are some essential points that I think everyone needs to pay attention to before making this life-changing decision:

Is paying for life better than a one-time investment? 

This is the first question that popped up when I considered getting laser hair removal and was worried about the costs and prices. As much as I believe body hair is normal, I also acknowledge that the choice to be hair-free is also okay. Like most of us, I get a full body wax to meet my desired hair-free body. I started by shaving whenever I showered, but it was a time-taking process, and I could not even get a week of hair-free skin. So I opted for the approach that could give me the most hair-free time, which is waxing so far in traditional hair removal practices. I had to go for waxing every three weeks (sometimes earlier than that), which was still costly. 

I am a 24 years old individual, and I have no idea how much I have spent on hair removal practices in my earlier years. But I have yet to live a long life (I hope), and thinking that I will have to keep paying for waxing for my entire life adds up to a lot of money. Since I’m a person who dreads having body hair, I will keep spending on anything and everything that can help me be hair-free. But is it all worth it when you have an option where you can get rid of your body hair for good with a one-time payment? That’s right. It sure sounds like a fair deal. This is a permanent hair reduction solution and can reduce hair growth by up to 95%.

Moreover, after a thorough and more subjective research, I have also come across many places offering economical and affordable rates and packages. For instance, my search helped me discover Cutera Aesthetics which offers special discounts and packages with highly cost-effective rates. Gone are the days when laser hair removal was hard to afford. So, in my opinion, paying one time is far better than repetitive payments that last for a lifetime. And technically, this way, laser hair removal is not costly at all.