Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is a treatment that can ensure a permanent hair reduction. Although the journey towards finding a permanent medium continues, laser hair removal is the most near-to permanent hair reduction solution in the market today. Other traditional hair removal approaches have failed miserably even to fuel the idea of having hair-free skin permanently. But with laser hair removal, permanent hair reduction does not look like a far-fetched idea. Hair removal is nothing less than a constant struggle. One can not even fully enjoy a hair-free life, and the hairs start growing back. 

All known hair removal ways are tiring, time-taking, and, not to forget, PAINFUL. So when laser hair removal became mainstream and the prices reduced significantly, I got my first session. I wanted to see how it differs from traditional hair removal practices. To my surprise, the pain was not equivalent to being called pain. It was just a slight discomfort and completely bearable. As far as the results are concerned, I got lasered on the hairiest part of my body: my legs. I am two sessions down and am pleased to say that I have seen an enormous change in my hair growth overall.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? 

The laser hair reduction and removal strike our hair follicles that cause hair growth and diminish hair growth again. But we need to stay mindful that only 20% of our entire body hair is in a growing phase. And for this treatment to be successful, the hairs need to be in their growing phase. This is why this treatment is not a one-time procedure and requires sessions typically between six to eight. The reason is to catch hair while in its active cycle/phase actively. Unlike previous hair removal procedures, this can ensure and support the idea of having a hairless body. 

How fast this procedure can show effective results depends on skin type, skin tone, hair texture, density, etc. This treatment puts hair follicles in a phase of inactivity, and thus, they do not grow. But due to factors including hormonal changes and imbalances, the hair can grow back. All in all, laser hair removal has reduced body hair growth. Moreover, its effectiveness on any body part makes it more essential in the beauty world. I am calling this procedure a near-to-permanent approach because it still reduces hair growth and can almost reach a permanent level of hairlessness with proper follow-ups sessions if required. 

Why Do You Need Follow-up Sessions? 

Even if your hair grows back, it will not be as before, and with the help of maintenance sessions, you can altogether remove your hair. Some hair can be stubborn, thin, light, or resist treatment for specific areas. Although men get laser hair removal, they do not undergo as many hormonal changes as women. Thus, regrowth of hair is more common in women. As we age, our hormones can alter our body functionality, and this can cause your hair to grow back even if you got laser hair removal. 

In addition to this, pregnant women can experience a sudden increase in their hair growth, and even if a woman gets treatment before conceiving a baby, there is still a chance that she can show regrowth. So, follow-up sessions can help you cater to these unforeseen issues that revolve around hair regrowth. While carrying the baby, pregnant women cannot get laser hair removal done. They have to wait for their deliveries, and after that, they are eligible for this procedure. 

What If Your Regrown Hairs Are Not Dense Enough? 

For such hairs, plucking is an easy option. But overall, this is close to the permanent hair reduction we have come yet. Research continues to find a more effective solution that can give a 100% surety. However, laser hair removal is nothing less than a savior for all of us until then. 

Thus, we can so far understand that the laser hair removal procedure is not a permanent solution for hair growth. However, its power to reduce hair growth is exceptionally high. It is the most we can get in terms of hair removal. Another essential factor that makes this treatment highly beneficial is that the pain level for each session is in descending order. But traditional practices, including waxing and threading, are equally painful every time, if not more. 

Final words

Even if it’s not a permanent solution, it still is worth it. It’s a lot less painful compared to waxing and threading every fortnight. However, before undergoing any treatment yourself, it is always essential to develop a concrete understanding of the procedure and its expected results. You can get in touch with various hair removal specialists, including Cutera Aesthetics, which has managed to grab the attention of a lot of people and has established a credible image in the market.