History of Hair Removal: How Has It Become Popular

A hairless body appears more attractive to us. The desire for a beautiful appearance has been present for as long as humans have existed. Body hairs have been thought of as an unwanted obstacle striping us away from the existing beauty standards. Hair removal, to some extent, has always been a trend, whether it was just legs, arms, or the entire body. 

To meet the desire for a hair-free body, we have also discovered numerous hair removal methods to effectively get closer to the dream of a hairless body. Hair removal for legs and arms was only common in the West in earlier times. But now that times have changed and people prefer hair-free bodies for aesthetic purposes, this practice has become widespread. 

As this practice became a beauty staple, various hair reduction and removal methods also made their way into the market. Shaving, plucking, threading, waxing, depilatory creams and lotions, etc., have been commonly used worldwide. 

Hair Reduction Struggles: Regrowth and Painful Removal 

Every method removes hair in its specific way, some by simply cutting off hair by gliding a sharp blade or razor on the skin, some by plucking the hair out using thread or any other applicator, some by using hot wax on the skin and pulling off hair. But the one thing that has remained common in all of these methods is the never-ending struggle that tags along with them. Pain, inconvenience, skin irritation, rashes, and regrowth of hairs are just some of the most prominent drawbacks of these hair removal methods. 

Hair-removing practices were not that common, and only a few percent of women invested in hair removal methods. Men had no interest in hair removal initially. But today, hair removal is a mandatory beauty routine that men and women indulge in. Modern men also emphasize aesthetic beauty and want to feel and look good. This shift in the beauty world has made hair removal the most desired beauty treatment. 

Whatever method anyone stuck to, hair regrowth, pain, and skin issues have been very prominent. But the feeling of a hairless body has been the driving force that pushed us to keep repeating the cycle of hair removal and going through all the pain, irritation, and skin problems repeatedly. 

When Did We Discover Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal technology was first discovered in the mid-60s, accidentally, while treating with a ruby laser. However, the phenomenon only began in the 1980s. Initially, the laser technology could not ensure permanent hair reduction and removal results. Later in 1998, finally a tested laser technology became the effectively permanent solution for hair removal. 

Since then, laser hair removal technology has advanced and gained immense popularity. Initially, people had multiple doubts and concerns about the safety range of the treatment. But with new advancements in technology, the laser hair removal procedure has become a permanent hair reduction solution. Many new methods include the Pulsed Light, the Diode Laser, the Alexandrite Laser, the Ruby Laser, Titanium, etc. 

The laser technology works by using thermal energy to destroy the hair follicle that causes hair growth. The melanin in the hair strands absorbs the heat, takes it down to the follicle base, and injures it. The injury is irrecoverable, and thus, once the follicle is destroyed, it cannot grow hairs.

Today, laser hair removal is among the most availed aesthetic procedures in the beauty market. Whether it is just arms, legs, or entire bodies, men and women want to get rid of their unwanted hair and save themselves from repetitive hair removal hassles. The procedure is the most modern approach for hair removal and can ensure permanently reduced hair growth. 

We have millions of hair follicles on our body, and not all of them are in the active phase, as it requires time to grow hair. Thus, multiple sessions of this procedure are necessary to achieve the desired results. On average, a person needs 4 to 6 sessions four weeks apart. Before the treatment, no other hair removal is optimal besides shaving. The hair strands need to be intact to absorb the heat and create damage for the treatment to be successful. You can notice visible hair growth reduction after just 2 to 3 sessions. 

Final Words

Laser hair removal is an entirely safe hair removal and reduction method. Today, this aesthetic treatment has managed to give many of us our desired bodies to flaunt. Worrying about hair growth is now a thing of the past. If you still have some concerns and want to know what it is like to get a laser hair removal treatment, contact Cutera Aesthetics. We offer a free consultation and patch test to our clients that aid them in understanding the treatment and the range of results they can expect from it.