Excess Body Fat And Impact Of Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting, or Cryolipolysis, is a cosmetic treatment that removes excess fat in stubborn areas. It works by freezing fat cells, killing and breaking them down. Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive procedure that does not involve cuts, anesthesia, or instruments entering the body. It was the most used body sculpting procedure in the United States in 2018 and, over the years, has become immensely popular in Pakistan as well. Body sculpting and contouring trends have become crucial in today’s beauty and aesthetic world. This fat reduction method targets fat in body areas that are more challenging to remove through diet and exercise.

Freeze and Destroy Your Fat Safely With Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting uses cold temperatures to target the fat pockets lying under the deep layers of the skin. Moreover, it carries fewer risks than traditional fat reduction methods such as liposuction. However, while it is mostly safe, people must be aware of potential side effects. This article takes an in-depth look at Cool Sculpting, including how it works, its effectiveness, cost, plus side effects and risks of the procedure.

CoolSculpting is a branded form of fat reduction method called cryolipolysis. It has Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. As with other treatments of cryolipolysis, it uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells. Fat cells are more affected by cold temperatures than other cells. This means that the cold does not damage other cells, such as the skin or underlying tissue.

During the procedure, the practitioner vacuums the skin above the area of fatty tissue into an applicator that cools the fat cells. The cold temperatures numb the site, and some people report a cooling sensation. Most Cool Sculpting procedures take around 35–60 minutes, depending on the area a person wishes to treat. The procedure can take longer or can be done instantly. There is no downtime because there is no damage to the skin or tissue. Some people report soreness at the site of Cool Sculpting, similar to that they might have after an intense workout or minor muscle injury. Others report stinging, firmness, mild discoloration, swelling, and itchiness. After the procedure, the fat cells may take around 4–6 months to leave a person’s body. In that time, the fat area will gradually decrease by an average of 20%.

CoolSculpting and Skin Tightening – Who Knew?

Fat accumulation and the skin sagginess are two major problems that most of us face today. Thus, it is natural to wonder about the role of this treatment in addressing skin laxity while reducing fat. The technology cools the fat cells to a temperature just above freezing. Since fat cells respond to cooling temps faster than skills cells, the fat cells die during the process, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. Over time, the fat cells frozen by Cool Sculpting will continue to die off, giving you improved results for months.  The inventors of Cool Sculpting didn’t even know that the procedure tightens skin. The amazing results turned out to be a pleasant and unexpected side effect of Cool Sculpting treatment.  This also restates the myth that Cool Sculpting freezes the fat and leads to loose skin, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Patients who schedule one or more sessions report excellent weight loss during comfortable sessions with little to no side effects. The results are slimmer body parts, firmer, more youthful skin, and a new lease on life.

Cool Sculpting Skin Tightening Areas

Cool Sculpting freezes stubborn fat from the following tricky areas around your body:

The Abdomen

 Nobody wants a big belly. With Cool Sculpting, you can get that trim tummy you have always wanted, and the skin will tighten to match, making clothes fit better and leaving you looking your best.


Now, with CoolSculpting, you can trim your hips for a curvier figure. Cool Sculpting freezes the fat, which shrinks your hips, and tightens the skin around it for a slight makeover. 

Flanks, Thighs & Back

With your tummy and hips slimmer, your flanks, thighs, and back area can receive the same treatment. This gives you a more streamlined physique and skin-tightening effects that will remind you of your younger years. 

Neck and Chin

Cool Sculpting can be used to slim down and tighten the neck area, erasing years from your appearance while making your jawline more prominent for a head-turning effect. 

Cool Sculpting Results May Vary

It should be noted that Cool Sculpting is not an alternative to healthy eating and exercise. Instead, Cool Sculpting should be used in addition to medically-approved weight loss methods to further your weight loss and tighten your skin for a desirable body you can be proud of. Cutera Aesthetics offers satisfactory Cool Sculpting services and ensures effective fat reduction per your preferences.