Everything You Need to Know About Body HIFU

HIFU or High-Intensity Frequency Ultrasound energy is a treatment for fat reduction that has taken the market by storm. This treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring and has helped various individuals tone and sculpt their bodies according to their desired goals. No matter how hard a person exercises and maintains a healthy lifestyle, particular body fat is hard to lose once gained. Loose skin and aging signs are other factors that are frustrating and highly bothersome for us. Our skin loses its elasticity and can thus cause fine lines, wrinkles, and other age-related concerns. Moreover, if we lose weight, our skin can become saggy and droopy as it cannot bounce back to its previous form and stay sturdy. 

This non-invasive body contouring approach does not require needles, incisions, or injections. The procedure is entirely safe and has FDA approval, so its practice is becoming more and more common in terms of fat reduction. Most of us want to get fitter bodies but cannot imagine ourselves undergoing surgeries, so HIFU has provided an exceptional solution. This treatment does not just target fat cells but also promotes collagen production in our bodies. So it solves the issue and offers extensive benefits by ensuring skin firmness, tightening, and lifting. Thus, HIFU is more beneficial than any other fat reduction procedure.

What is HIFU, and How Does it Work? 

This cosmetic and aesthetic method uses precise and fractional levels of ultrasound energies to target fat cell deposits present in certain parts of our bodies. The ultrasound waves/energy penetrates the skin from a deeper level. This way, intense heat is transferred to the targeted fat pockets and pouches that reach each fat cell in the area and thus, break them down. Through HIFU body contouring, excess and saggy skin can tighten as cellulite removal helps firm down the skin. The result is smooth and lump-free, youthful, and tighter skin. 

Over time, fat accumulation in certain areas can increase as it becomes a safe place for most of our fat to be stored. The most common areas include the belly region. This fat is stubborn and, in many cases, can be highly problematic for people who otherwise maintain a healthier weight range and a good lifestyle. Some of the areas that HIFU can treat and promote the fat reduction in side by side with collagen promotion are: 

  • Love Handles (Flanks)
  • Bat Wings (Upper arms)
  • Cellulite
  • Mummy Tummy
  • Back fat
  • Buttocks 
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Lower belly fat 

The upper mentioned body parts can easily store large amounts of fat deposits and keep them safe. So, it is natural that even constant exercise and dieting cannot help to reduce it. Although not a weight loss solution. HIFU can remove excess and unwanted fat from our bodies and help us achieve the ideal fit bodies we want. So we can call it a fat reduction and skin tightening treatment. 

On average, the treatment takes up to 1 hour, but it depends upon the size of the targeted and treated area. The results are almost immediate, and you can see a significant visible change in skin elasticity and firmness through its texture. After completing the treatment, which comprises 3 to 4 sessions, your fat will naturally leave your system. This medical approach is completely safe and carries little to no temporary side effects. If you have concerns regarding the pain levels of this procedure, then be at peace! This is a non-invasive treatment and does not include any step that consists of any needles, injections, etc., so it is entirely painless. 

HIFU For Facial Lifting 

As we have discussed above, this treatment does not just offer fat reduction but can promise youthful skin and texture. So it is natural that many of us see it as an excellent alternative for surgical procedures to get skin smoothening for the face. Some of the treatments that you can get in this matter include:

Lift and tighten eyes

This treatment can help with saggy and droopy skin on the face, including droopy eyelids and wrinkly eyes. Since the heat that reaches the depths of our skin stimulates collagen, the skin elasticity and firmness improve. This way, people who deal with wrinkles and other aging signs can tighten their skin and get back their youthful selves. The treatment is safe and does not cause any side effects on the eyes or skin. 

Lift and firm jowls

Saggy skin can and the appearance of jowls are a great concern for many of us, especially people dealing with aging. Since HIFU uses high-intensity frequency waves, it repairs the tissue and boosts collagen production. So the saggy skin and jowls are easy to treat. The results are pretty visible and long-term too. This procedure does not use filler or botox to do anything to our body cells and tissues. Instead, it repairs them and enhances their functionality. 

Soften smile lines

This treatment works as a collagen induction therapy and boosts the working of our skin cells and tissues. Thus, whoever experiences aging signs, including smile lines, jowls, droopy and wrinkly eyes, etc., can cater to all his concerns through this non-surgical body contouring method and enjoy immediate and pain-free results. 

Reduce nasolabial folds

Individuals who face this situation have two skin folds on the side of both nostrils. These do not look visually pleasing and can make a person look older. So through HIFU, we can find a permanent solution to this issue. 

Improve neck appearance

Necklines or wrinkles are yet another skin issue with aging, which many of us are not ready to accept. Although there are many surgical and invasive solutions for this issue, we prefer the ones that are quick, pain-free, and highly effective. HIFU can also smooth down these necklines and create tightened skin around our neck. 

HIFU has grabbed everyone’s attention through its effectiveness and results in the long run. So what are you waiting for! Find your nearest aesthetic clinic and get this procedure to boost the days of your youth. Cutera Aesthetics provides the service of HIFU for its clients and ensures credible results.