Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that helps remove unwanted hair on any body part for good. The treatment operates by destroying hair follicles of body hairs already in their growing phase. Unlike traditional hair removal approaches, laser hair removal does not pluck the hair out of the follicle but disables the follicle and its capacity to grow hair. But we all are aware of the phrase – Beauty is pain. So, I, like anybody else, always had in mind that laser hurt a lot. 

Laser is a closer to permanent hair removal solution as it helps get rid of around 90% of our body hair. It is still a better procedure than traditional hair removal methods. All of us are tired of the constant pain that traditional practices cause and the trouble of repeating them almost every fortnight, if not earlier. So, when people in my circle told me their experiences, results, and reviews about laser hair removal, I was intrigued. My venture started with finding the most credible place to get my laser treatment done. And while searching, I came across some authentic sites that explained pain levels on different body parts well enough. 

Is the Pain of Laser Hair Removal Tolerable? 

The technology is called “laser,” which means light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. While it does not pluck the hair out of the skin, it emits a high-heat laser beam that is supposed to hurt a little. Everyone that explained their experiences to me said the pain was like being hit by a rubber band or merely getting a sunburn. To me, it still sounded a lot better than waxing and shaving and bearing the uncomfortable stubbles, as it was another torture. 

As per my research, the pain level of this treatment entirely depended on the body parts. The body parts with thin skin or coarse and dense hair hurt more than others. So I decided to get laser hair removal on my arms first. It was the best option as I would understand the pain level of the procedure, and my arms were a lot less hairy than other body parts. I would describe the pain between a 3 to 4 on a scale of 10. The procedure was surely a little uncomfortable, but I would not call it painful. I have completed all my sessions and am currently enjoying hair-free skin. Since my hair growth was not as dense as most people’s, I think it may have played its part in helping me cope with laser hair removal. 

Moreover, my laser practitioner also explained that the hair growth reduces with ongoing sessions, so the pain levels also decrease significantly. According to your pain perception and tolerance levels, pain can still decrease as you proceed with your treatment. 

How Does Laser Feel on Different Body Parts?

Before proceeding with my treatment, I also wanted to get complete detail of how a laser would feel on different body parts. I did my research so that you would not have to after reading this blog. Following are some of the common body parts that most of us want hair-free with pain levels on a typical scale of 1 to 10 with honest answers from people who have undergone this procedure:


Skin thickness and hair density are two of the most important factors that decide the pain levels involved in the procedure. Since the skin on the legs area is moderately thicker than all other body parts, it is comparatively a lot less painful. On average, this pain is between 4 to 5 and varies for different areas on the legs. For instance, the pain level for your inner thighs will be a little higher than your shins, where the skin is tighter and thicker. 

Most of us want hair-free legs to enjoy summers to our fullest and wear everything we wish. Using this hair removal practice can help us achieve our goals and save us from the struggles of worrying about hairy legs on special occasions. 

Arms and Armpits 

Arms and Armpits are both the areas that usually get the most exposure. Whether wearing a sleeveless dress or enjoying a tank top, hairy arms and armpits are a big no. Moreover, hairy armpits tend to sweat more, and we prefer to be clean and fresh. So if you are tired of razor rashes and ingrown hair that shaving and waxing can cause, then laser hair removal is a permanent solution for your problems. 

As per my experience, arms do not hurt that much and are easily manageable, but armpits can be a bit painful. Since the skin is thinner, the pain can be hard to manage for some. You may ask your practitioner to use numbing cream or cooling gel to cope with the pain. The average pain level for armpits is a solid 7, if not more. But it still varies and is lowkey – worth it! 

Bikini and Brazilian 

If you are a person who used to wax your bikini line and have survived that, then do not fear. Laser hair removal on the bikini line and pubic hair is a great option. Most people describe the treatment as a mild, easily tolerable discomfort. Although as per skin sensitivity and texture, it can hurt a bit. 

Pubic hair is usually dense, so the laser treatment can be a little discomfort for you. In this case, cooling gels are available to soothe the skin while treating it. On average, the pain can fall between 7 to 8. Additionally, the device your practitioner ends up using is also a factor in deciding pain levels for you. At Cutera Aesthetics, we provide laser hair removal services at affordable rates so that you can enjoy a hair-free and carefree life. 


Many of us struggle with unwanted facial hair. Either it’s a stubborn unibrow, or simply you grow a lot of hair on your sideburns or chin. Shaving can irritate the skin, and threading and waxing are just as painful. So permanent hair reduction is understandably a very comforting thought for most of us. 

Everyone’s experience with facial laser hair removal depends entirely on the individual. Some areas with light and thin skin can hurt a lot, i.e., upper lips. But the cheeks and chin area only face mid discomfort. The pain level falls between 2 to 6 depending upon the area. 

When Should You Not Get Laser Hair Removal Procedures?

Laser hair removal treatments are not ideal for skin near an open orifice. Moreover, if you are a pregnant woman or want to conceive, you are not advised to undergo laser hair removal procedures. Since this technique can cause a hormone imbalance in the body, it is not safe. Other than this, it is entirely okay for anyone and everyone. 

Final words

In my opinion, laser hair removal is a near-to permanent hair removal method. You can get rid of body hair up to 90-95 with a laser%. If you are concerned about laser hair removal costs, be at peace because the treatment does not cost an arm and leg. Many new technologies offer effective and affordable solutions. It is still far better than traditional hair removal methods and is entirely worth it. The pain is mild and tolerable. If we can endure the pain and torture of waxing, then laser hair removal is a piece of cake!