The Causes of Unwanted Hair

Usually, genetics are responsible for unwanted hair in all genders. However, hormones called androgens are the main reason that body hair develops. Doctors refer to androgens as male hormones, though both men and women produce them. When the female body produces too many androgens, it may develop more body hair than is typical.

We at Cutera Aesthetics are offering the next generation of laser hair removal through the most recent advanced methods for better and prominent results. The fully qualified laser technicians here at Cutera are using our industry-leading laser technology to make you get rid of all unwanted hair complications.

Results you can see

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Our Treatments for Unwanted Hair

Laser Hair Removal

Featuring its exclusive 3D technology, Cutera Titanium combines the three most effective laser wavelengths into a single applicator, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle.