Body Hifu: Why Is It Worth It?

Are you hoping to lose fat with some miracle treatment that does not include surgeries and incisions? Fear not because various non-surgical body contouring procedures like Body HIFU have proven exceptionally effective in fat loss. This procedure is safe and does not include invasive approaches like cutting, stitching, etc. Over time, many myths and misconceptions have made their way into the aesthetic world with non-surgical and safe treatments. This blog will debunk these misinformations and try to clarify the truth about body sculpting and the impact of non-surgical body HIFU on eliminating unwanted fat. 

Body image is a huge market, and one we’re all hugely interested in as more and more treatments become available, particularly to treat those stubborn pockets of fat! But not all fat removal treatments are created equal. HIFU Body Contouring targets stubborn fat pockets and tightens the skin simultaneously. The safe fat loss treatment is perfect for those little bits of stubborn fat areas that just won’t budge.

Body HIFU: Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat Deposits 

When we start talking about ‘fat’ and fat reduction and loss, it can feel like a deep rabbit hole full of endless options and decision-making, especially when you can now decide whether you want to undergo a surgical or a non-surgical procedure. Fat on our bodies is nothing to be ashamed of because it is natural. It is also an individual choice if we want to reduce our problem areas and how we would want to address unwanted fat. Finding the safest, most effective treatments to treat fat removal is vital. This is possible these days, unlike a few years ago when the only option was going under the knife. Fat reduction technology and treatments have come a long way. 

Why Go For Non-Surgical Fat Removal Treatments?

Let’s face it; we are pretty much exhausted all the time. The busy routines and fast-paced times we live have mentally exhausted us and have stripped us of energy. Struggling with unwanted fat is one thing, but not finding the time and energy to do something about it is another tragedy that most of us face. Keeping up with work schedules, gym and workout schedules, healthy eating, and being present for your loved ones is a lot to do every day and can stress us out. 

Thus, it is not common for people to do it all and still find 3 hours a day to keep trim and toned and treat those niggling, stubborn fat pockets. That’s the beauty of the safe new, non-surgical fat reduction treatments (sometimes called ‘non-surgical lipo’) like HIFU Body Contouring which is particularly beneficial for those smaller sections of body fat like our inner thighs, tummy, arms, and chin. They work fast, are safe, and have no downtime, pain, or scarring. Plus, HIFU offers a dual power of tightening the skin area while removing stubborn fat deposits!

If your busy schedules have taken a toll on your physical fitness and are making you conscious about your appearance, non-surgical Body Hifu is the ultimate solution. When you look in the mirror, if those stubborn little pockets of fat are getting you down and have been affecting your confidence levels for some time, it is now possible to treat the area safely and without any medical procedure with non-surgical fat reduction treatments, which is exciting news! The ability to change what we’re uncomfortable with is an incredible opportunity if it feels right and if we choose safe, effective fat loss treatments within supportive, trusting environments.

What is HIFU Body Contouring?

HIFU is ideal for shifting those last few centimeters off stubborn fat areas. It uses the latest body shaping ultrasound technology – high-intensity focused ultrasound called Ulfit HIFU. (Ulfit is the machine’s name, and HIFU is the name of the treatment.) The non-invasive fat reduction treatment is quick and painless, and there is no downtime because it doesn’t use surgery or needles. The bonus is that it tightens and rejuvenates the skin area. So if you want to tighten and uplift saggy and droopy skin, Body Hifu can provide additional benefits while reducing excess fat from any body area. 

How does HIFU Body Contouring work?

Body HIFU is a precisely controlled macro-focussed circular ultrasound that permanently eliminates fat – especially those little, niggly stubborn fat pockets. The ultrasound targets the fat cells using deep dermal micro-heating. It heats the area to around 60-70 degrees, permanently eliminating fat cells. The ultrasound also visibly tightens the skin at the same time. The high-frequency ultrasound waves heat under the skin, which tightens and lifts the skin, rejuvenating and repairing it. Though it is a heating treatment to destroy fat cells, rest assured the skin remains protected and comfortable throughout the 30-minute session.

There is no pain from the treatment, and you can fit it into your lunch break, then head back to work. Contact us today at Cutera Aesthetics to book your free consultation and talk to our team of experts about your concerns and preferred treatment.