A Beginner’s Guide to All Acne Scar Removal

If you are currently dealing with acne or have had to endure it for a long time and are now trying to fight off its scars, this blog will be your beginner’s guide. Acne appears when your skin cells are clogged by dead skin and excess oil that we usually know as sebum. This condition irritates the hair follicles present in the pores and gives rise to pimples and lesions. In its mild form, acne does not leave scars, but if it does, the scars disappear quickly without causing any damage to the skin. But when acne takes a moderate or severe form, the real disaster starts. Acne pimples can spill their contents and cause skin inflammation while irritating the surrounding region. There is nothing that we can do to prevent acne naturally. Since we cannot stop dead skin cells from shedding, nor can we stop oil production, it is pretty hard to deal with acne in its worse form.

Determining the type of your active acne can help you understand the kind of scars and marks it can leave on your skin. The aftermath of acne breakouts is not just physical but also mental. Acne can hinder a person’s confidence and affect his self-esteem. Moreover, the scars that acne leaves are a memoir of active acne and what your skin has lost while battling it. This can take a serious toll on your social life. So, if you are someone going through what I have gone through in the past, buckle up and take notes to ensure smooth, firmer, and scar-free skin. 

Helpful Measures to Deal with Acne Scars 

Acknowledging your worth and understanding that multiple solutions to your problem can motivate you and drive you toward your quest for clearer and healthier skin. Following are some of the measures that helped me tackle my acne scars and regain my confidence. 

Do not be Hopeless 

First things first, do not be hopeless! Although this aspect does not have to do with scar reduction, it can help you stay vigilant. Do not feel alone because millions of people worldwide are struggling with acne, and many have successfully put an end to acne breakouts and scars. So, you can do it too! 

Seek Professional Help 

What you are experiencing in the form of acne and its scars is completely normal. Thus, there is no need to shy away. You can start your venture by simply seeking medical help from a dermatologist. Since acne has various types that cause multiple kinds of scars, it is vital to get a diagnosis and a suitable treatment. Home remedies and stressing over your skin condition can do you no good and worsen it all. Search for a licensed dermatologist and share your concerns and medical history with him. This will help him understand you as a patient and start working on the problem. Your doctor may also prescribe you some medications and some minimally invasive treatments. A good skincare routine will help prevent future breakouts and promote healthier skin. But the damage that already is there needs more than just medicines. 

Cosmetic treatments 

Today, the aesthetic industry has provided great alternatives for surgical procedures that, earlier, acted as obstacles and stopped people from getting cosmetic treatments. However, today, we all can find a wide range of non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments and ensure effective results. Following are some of the most effective treatments that can reduce skin scarring and help with aging signs to give you healthier, firmer, and smoother skin:


The procedure works by using thermal energy to make micro-injuries at the dermis layer of the skin. Current-like energy is passed through the defected skin at a specific frequency that causes the cells at the dermis layer to boost their healing response. This healing process also stimulates remodeling of the skin layer and thus, eliminates skin defects such as scars. The procedure is also vital in stimulating collagen production that enhances, improves, and refines the skin texture. The result is scar-free skin with little to no downtime and mild side effects such as redness and itching. But, these side effects also subside within 24 to 48 hours. 

Picosecond laser

The Picosecond laser is another skin resurfacing non-ablative treatment that uses sound waves to create a vibrational chain deep within the skin instead of using thermal energy. This phenomenon also boosts collagen production and, side by side also increases elastin production in the skin. You can eliminate maximum scars from your skin and instantly boost your confidence.

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