4 Popular Aesthetic Acne Scar Treatments 2022

Acne is frustrating enough, and then it can also leave stubborn scars and marks on the skin. Many men and women worldwide have to deal with this skin condition. These scars do not hurt our skin but surely hurt our confidence and pride. They can take from several months up to several years to go, and some become permanent and stay put on the skin. Many of us have tried over-the-counter drugs, and home remedies to get rid of stubborn acne and its leftovers but have failed. But the aesthetic world is full of ways through which we can put an end to these scars and get the clearer skin that we have all longed for. Today, treating acne and its aftermath are relatively easy with cosmetic procedures such as INFINI, Radiofrequency, Micro-Needling, and PICO-Second Laser.

This blog will uncover the four most popular aesthetic procedures that can end the suffering of acne survivors. So what are these procedures, and how do they work? We will get into the depth to understand the processes and their effects on stubborn acne scars.

How Do Acne Treatments Help Reduce Acne Scars?

As of 2022, the aesthetic world has developed a lot. The new advancements that have taken it by storm, and mention-worthy in this regard, are the acne scar removal methods. These procedures target the skin cells and induce collagen production to speed up the healing process of our skin. We will discuss all these approaches in detail to understand how they work and what impacts they can promise to us.

What is INFINI?

INFINI is a treatment that combines radiofrequency with the power of micro-needling. This is why it treats the affected area by providing it with radiofrequency waves using these tiny needles. The result is a better cell working, which stimulates collagen production in the skin and positively impacts the skin’s healing process. Skin tissues are tightened, and there is no damage to the skin surface. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, textures, and tones. The procedure is quick and effective. INFINI roughly takes thirty to forty-five minutes to treat any specific area, including the face, neck, or chest. Moreover, the depth at which these needles penetrate your skin is adjustable to ensure an effective procedure. The skin appears smooth and tightened with new collagen production, resulting in less visible scars.

How Does Picosecond Laser Remove Acne Scars?

Picosecond is a laser technology that is non-surgical and non-invasive. This procedure helps treat the skin and address many skin-related issues, including acne scars. It is an effective and quick alternative that enhances elastin production in the skin and results in a firm, fuller, and youthful appearance. The laser sends short pulses of energy that target problem areas without heat. This results in the shattering of skin in the problem area. The elastin production heals the skin simultaneously and improves its texture and appearance. These laser energy pulses are very gentle on the skin surface and do not cause any damage. Moreover, the Picosecond laser process is not painful, and the most that patients experience is mild discomfort.

How is Micro-needling an Effective Acne Scar Solution?

As the name speaks for itself, this procedure uses microneedles to make small incisions into the skin and the affected area. These tiny pricks into the skin induce our skin’s natural healing process side-by-side, stimulating collagen production. Theoretically, this newly produced collagen improves our skin’s texture by smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, and damage, including acne scars. Thus, people dealing with severe acne scars can find great refuge in this aesthetic procedure and uncover a path to healthy, smooth, and clearer skin. This way, regardless of being minimally invasive, micro-needling has become an effective, quick, and permanent solution for acne scars.

What Impact Can Radiofrequency Have on Acne Scars?

The procedure works by heating the deeper layers of the affected area of the skin and denatures the collagen that makes scars on your skin. This damage further induces remodeling of the skin tissue and improves the skin texture making it smoother and clearer. This procedure is most effective for scars that are not too old, so at most, six-month scarring is easy to eliminate with radiofrequency (RA) treatments. Moreover, this treatment is suitable for all skin types and textures. Multiple sessions may be required depending upon the condition of the skin, but the results are absolute.

Final Words

These upper-mentioned treatments are highly effective and can provide noticeably visible results with little to no downtime. Depending upon how worse the scars are, some doctors may even refer to a combination treatment so that you can get the most results and quickly get rid of scars to uncover healthy skin. Cutera Aesthetics is your ultimate savior and ally, so hurry up and book a free consultation to share your concerns with our experts and professionals.