3 Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone and Scarred Skin

We all have different skin types and textures, so we react to possible irritants differently. People with dry skin do not have to deal with excessive oil production, their chances of getting acne breakouts are relatively low. Acne-prone skin is usually oily and can be very sensitive. Excess oil and sebum production clog the pores easily and causes extra breakouts on the skin. Thus, it requires various trips to a dermatologist to cool down your acne and keep it under control. However, acne scars are the real issue after having acne breakouts. The uncontrollable growth of cysts and pimples results in scarring on the skin. Multiple treatments are present that can help with acne scars reduction and acne. But maintaining a good skincare routine is equally essential and can help keep the skin stay acne-free in the future. 

Usually, acne results in scar formation as it heals. Acne breakouts inflame the skin and cause massive irritation. So even after you get any aesthetic treatments for scar reduction and eliminate them. While there are still chances of getting acne, you can get scars again. Hence, being mindful of a good skincare routine is essential. Moreover, sticking to it is even more crucial for healthier and clearer skin. Multiple medications and aesthetic treatments have helped people with acne manage their skin and decrease the chances of acne breakouts and scarring. 

Skincare Tips for Acne-prone Skin 

Following are some effective skin care tips for acne-prone and scarred skin that can help you keep your skin free of acne and scars:

Invest in Skincare Products 

This advice may seem simple and quite obvious too. But it still is an essential tip and trick for people dealing with stubborn ongoing acne breakouts. Skincare products that contain special agents to calm the skin and help it fight inflammation and blemishes are beneficial. For the most productive results, consider going to a dermatologist first. A licensed dermatologist can guide you better and prescribe helpful products that suit your skin type and help with the problem. Adding items that carry salicylic acid, for instance, is very aidful for people dealing with active acne. So, if you are experiencing acne breakouts and want to end them, then visiting a dermatologist should be the first thing you need to do. 

You may initially get acne scar reduction treatments such as Chemical peels, Micro-needling, Radiofrequency, Picosecond Laser, etc. Initially, such treatments can help you reduce acne scars, but the next steps are equally essential. These include a daily skincare routine. With the help of your doctor, you can find a suitable range of products and make a move towards a healthier and acne-free life. 

Good Hygiene and Staying Away from Irritants 

Hygiene is the solution to every skin-related issue. Washing and cleaning your skin properly can help you get rid of excess oil, sebum, and dead skin that can lead to acne outbreaks. Although cleaning your skin cannot slow down or hinder your skin’s oil production, it can help prevent your pores from getting clogged. Cleansing your skin from time to time can also decrease your chances of getting acne in all of its worse forms. 

Another important factor is to know what triggers your acne. Although preventing acne is hard, knowing which irritants can worsen your skin condition can help you stay clear of acne and its stubborn scars. If you have oily skin and oily scalp, wash your hair daily and avoid touching your facial skin with unclean hands. 

Take Medications and Follow-up Treatment Sessions 

Your dermatologist can also suggest some medications if, for instance, your hormonal imbalance is causing severe acne. Eating healthy and maintaining a good skincare routine is vital. Other helpful measures include getting follow-up treatment sessions for scar reduction, which can maintain desired results of providing you with clearer and smoother skin. But do not underestimate the vitalness of choosing a credible clinic to get treatment. Cutera Aesthetics is your perfect ally in the quest for youthful and scar-free skin. Our experts can professionally deal with all your concerns and provide suitable treatments. Our advanced technology treatments help our clients enjoy acne-free and scar-free skin with little to no downtime.